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    Default Information about Gigandet watches


    I was wondering if anyone could provide some information about Gigandet watches. What little I've been able to find suggests that they were produced by Wakmann, and Gigandet is the last name of the owner (founder?) of the company, Charles Gigandet. Any ideas on the relative quality of Gigandet-branded watches compared to Wakmanns or Breitlings? Was it a lower-priced line for the company (a la Hamilton and Vantage)? The majority of the Gigandet-branded watches are chronographs with day/date complications. I guess that's in line with the overall focus of the Wakmann/Breitling brand historically.

    Anyway, any additional information would be much appreciated. Thanks and best regards,


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    Default Re: Information about Gigandet watches (By: mfrmn)

    Often the same (or similar) thing! charles gigandet owned Wakmann and Wakmann was either the distributor (or vice versa) of Breitling. I have seen many a watches with two of the three names on one watch. And sometimes all three of the names are on one watch. Good luck!

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