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    Smile Illinois Watch CASE company

    I have a Waltham pocket watch (sn26368000) which the table shows as a 1927 watch. This watch has a Illinois Watch Case Company case (sn4274824). Is there a serial number list by year for cases made by the Illinois Watch Case Company?


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    Default Re: Illinois Watch CASE company (By: Lane Burke)

    Lane, Welcome to the NAWCC forums. As far as I know there is not a source to date watch cases. Not much help I know, maybe someone else will know something to help.

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    Smile Re: Illinois Watch CASE company (By: Bill B)

    Hi Lane:

    There aren't any tables relating Illinois Watch Case Co. serial numbers to dates. There don't seem to be any surviving records from watch case companies linking case serial numbers to dates, specific cases, their grades, sizes & etc. Some collectors have done some great work in corrolating data on Hamilton Watch Co., Illinois Watch Company and Ball Watch Co. factory-signed cases to dates, but that doesn't apply here.

    About the best that can be done is to study the style of the case and making an educated guess as to which era it belongs. If the case still contains the movement it originally housed, an approximate date (within a year or three) can be assigned to the case. About the only way to find out more about the specific model case on a watch would be to go through old jewelry trade magazines and catalogs, hoping to find a picture of one that matches. The best place to do this may be that a number of case ads may be found in the "Documents & Pictures" section of Wayne Schlitt's Elgin Website.

    Good luck,
    That guy down in Georgia

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