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    Default "HALLMARK" on face of Antique Ladies watch

    While going through some old family things I have come across an antique ladies wrist watch with the word HALLMARK on the face. I have not found this brand name in my searches of antique watches. I wonder if anyone out there can tell me anything about it. I can email a picture if it would help.

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    Default Re: "HALLMARK" on face of Antique Ladies watch (By: Mary L)

    A lot depends on what you consider "Antique". The Hallmark that I'm familiar with (in terms on watches) was a Chicago based company that seemed to use a amway-style sales approach (recruting independent sellers who would go out and hawk their stuff). They bought all the old Waltham inventory in 1956, and then merged with the new Waltham Watch Company (delaware) in 1959. I've seen a number of watches labled "Hallmark by Waltham", and there was a thread in the Clocks forum on Hallmark clocks that might be the same company.
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    Default Re: "HALLMARK" on face of Antique Ladies watch (By: Mary L)

    I attached the picture you sent to this thread so that others can see it.

    The engraved dial, wire lugs and number style suggest a 20's watch. The name "Hallmark" was registered to "LouisAisenstein &Bros.", a watch importer in New York in 1915. This matches the style. "Louis Aisenstein & Bros." went on to become the "Roamer-Medena Watch Corporation".
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    Default Re: "HALLMARK" on face of Antique Ladies watch (By: AbslomRob)

    Thank you so much for answering my questions. It's so much fun to get some history on things found and to hopefully be able to attach an ancestor to an item with a timeframe.

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    Default Re: "HALLMARK" on face of Antique Ladies watch (By: Mary L)

    Mary L and AbslomRob, this thread is getting confusing and potentially misleading. I'm wondering if there were perhaps more than one "Hallmark" trademarks, possibly in effect at different times. The "Hallmark" trademark that I am familiar with, comprising the word "Hallmark" with an underline connecting the H and the K, was used by United Jewelers, Inc., a buying co-operative for independently owned and operated retail jewelry stores. These jewelers could join the buying cooperative and thus get some of the advantages of the greater buying power enjoyed by the larger chains. Such arrangements have been popular in many areas of retailing.

    Roy Ehrhardt gives a date of c.1916-1924 for watches bearing the "Hallmark" trademark. The best known probably are the many pocket watches that the Illinois Watch Company supplied to the Hallmark jewelers, I have also seen some Swiss wristwatch movements with the Hallmark trademark. In addition, a Google search I did some time ago turned up all sorts of typical jewelry store merchandise bearing the Hallmark trademark, ranging from a silver thimble to fine crystalware.

    To the best of my knowledge, the Hallmark-affiliated jewelry stores operated in many parts of the country, as indicated by a search, and probably over a much longer time-span than the dates indicated by Ehrhardt. Although I can't tell from the photo if there is an underline connecting the H and K in Hallmark, I think it is quite likely that the trademark as used by United Jewelers is the relevant one here, though rhe only way to be more certain would be to check the markings on the movement.

    Larry Treiman

    [EDIT] BTW Rob, as for the possibility of the Aisenstein connection, usually there were one or more wholesalers behind these buying co-ops, and I suppose Aisenstein could have been one of them. However, I found a listing for the "Hallmark" trademark as used by Aisenstein, and it was nothing like the United Jewelers trademark with its characteristic underline. As for Roamer and Medana, they were names used on watches made by Meyer & Studeli of Soleure, Switzerland. Eventually (if memory serves, c.1950's the watch company name was changed to Roamer Watch Co.. Aisenstein apparently was their U.S. agent.
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    Default Re: "HALLMARK" on face of Antique Ladies watch (By: Larry Treiman)

    Thanks Larry; good info. The Hallmark/Aisenstein link came form Mikrolisk (which is usually pretty reliable), while my source on the link between Louis Aisenstein & Bros and the "Roamer and Medena Corporation" is an FTC ruling, so its pretty tight:

    Keep in mind that this is was an American corporation, which likely doesn't have any direct connection to Meyer & Studeli.
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