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    Default URGOS Tubular Chime Question??

    I am currently working on a URGOS Tubular Chime Movement UW03038B and the chime is completely out of sync. Can someone please tell me how to set up the roller so it will chime correctly. Are there any markings that need to line up on the movement? Also, since the movement is out of the clock what is the best way of testing that the hammers will be hitting the correct chime when I go to reinstall the movement in the case?
    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: URGOS Tubular Chime Question?? (By: apprentice)

    On the right side of the movement as you look from the front, you'll see a wheel that drives the chime barrel. It's probably between the plates. It will have a screw that can be loosened, allowing for adjustment of the chime. On the 3/4 hour, turn that wheel and watch the hammers. When you get four falling in order from right to left, tighten the screw. Install the tubes with the longest on the left, shortest on the right (looking from the front). Note: I'm assuming a 5 tube chime. If it's 9 tubes, you'll be looking for 8 hammers falling in sequence (unless it's set for Westminster)

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    Default Re: URGOS Tubular Chime Question?? (By: shutterbug)


    Assuming you have the movement sitting on a test stand / horse, movement on the seat board with the iron tube hanger attached, you can clamp a wood paint stirrer, or any thin piece of wood, horizontaly across the iron hanger near the tot at a point to take the hammer hits. This is a lot easier than trying to deal with the tubes and also prevents any damage being done.

    Willie X

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    Default Re: URGOS Tubular Chime Question?? (By: Willie X)

    Shutterbug and Willie,

    The movement has 9 tubes. And I only have the "movement" in the shop. I do not have the iron tube hanger or chimes. I do see a retaining ring with a screw around the shaft going through the chime barrel on the left side of the movement when facing it from the front. (is this the correct screw??) I am able to move the chime barrel when I loosen it however the weight cannot be on the movement when doing this otherwise it slips rather quickly. My dilemia is that I do not know where in the sequence to lock it down. I had the clock back in the case this weekend and although the chimes were sounding I was not able to find a starting point where hear I could make out any of the standard melodies. (and I tried for quite some time!) I know for a fact that the clock is suppose to play Westminster when it is set in the middle position. But when I did set it there it played a bunch of notes in sequence - not Westminster. Do you know what sequence (from left to right or right to left) I should look for when set to Westminster? I know you said I should see 8 hammers falling in sequence at the 3/4 hour position unless it is set for westminster. What would it be set for if I see all 8 hammers falling in sequence? and is that sequence left to right? (as I am facing the front of the movement?) I hope this all makes sense. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.


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    Default Re: URGOS Tubular Chime Question?? (By: apprentice)

    You're not going to be able to set it for Westminster. Set it to either of the other options, then look for the hammers falling from right to left missing none. There will be 8 of them (at either 1/4 hour or 3/4). Loosen the screw and turn the barrel by hand until you see that sequence, then lock it down.
    Not to worry - Westminster will work fine after you get the others set.

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    Default Re: URGOS Tubular Chime Question?? (By: apprentice)


    Adjusting the chime on the 8 note chime setting is best. I have never seen a clock that would fail to strike the 4 note (westminster chime) if either of the 8note chimes were set correctly. BUT ... setting the 4 note chime does not guarantee that the 8 note chimes will be correct.

    It is normal to remove the entire mvt/seat board/chime tube rack assembly when working on these clocks. I don't see how you will ever set up the chime sequence otherwise. Although this simple adjustment often can be done with the clock fully assembled.

    Willie X

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    Default Re: URGOS Tubular Chime Question?? (By: Willie X)

    Willie X and Shutterbug,

    I will give it a shot. Thank you both for your help!

    Always appreciated.


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