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    Default Need help dating a Japy Freres clock.

    I've already listed this Japy Freres clock under the title, "Are tic-tac, striking clocks common?" From those responses, it does not seem like this is a common clock. However, now I would like help dating it. I've found several resources that have a date tagged to this marking, but none of them are consistent. One of the resources claims this marking is "france from 1893". I've also seen, "registered Feb. 18th, 1884". My clock has a hand-inscribed "anno 1849" on the back, pictured below. Is it possible this clock was made in 1849 and the marking wasn't registered until 1884? Has anyone else ever seen a similar hand-inscribed marking on a Japy clock?

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    Default Re: Need help dating a Japy Freres clock. (By: mhtx)

    Mhtx, I think most of the people who know most about the Japy fréres, have already voiced an opinion on the other thread. You might strike lucky, but I doubt it.

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    Default Re: Need help dating a Japy Freres clock. (By: laprade)

    According to one source Japy Freres et Cie was formed in 1854, this in conjunction with other sources that point to the JFC monogram dating to the late 1800s and that hand inscribing of dates on cases wasn't a common practice all suggest your clock doesn't date to 1849.

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