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    Default Historic Clock Movement Stolen

    This is a sad story. Over the Christmas weekend someone stole the movement out of a Seattle street clock that was in front of the Museum of History and Industry. The clock was made by Joseph Mayer, a Seattle jeweler, in 1913 and was one of nine remaining.

    It might already be melted down but you never know. Keep and eye out for it.



    Bob Ryan

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    Registered User Jim DuBois's Avatar
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    Magnolia, TX

    Default Re: Historic Clock Movement Stolen (By: Bob Ryan)

    This may be the original installation of the clock, or maybe not...
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    Registered user. Kevin W.'s Avatar
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    Default Re: Historic Clock Movement Stolen (By: Jim DuBois)

    A clock movement like that perhaps would be difficult to sell as a movement.But for scrap i guess it would be easy.Must have been taken at night as it would take time to remove it and not be seen by anyone.I hope it is found.
    One clock at a time. Kevin West

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    Registered User Jim DuBois's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
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    Default Re: Historic Clock Movement Stolen (By: Kevin W.)

    The subject clock would have had an E Howard movement, not serialized, like the photo below. Usually these loose movements bring $1000-5000 on eBay, depending on a lot of variables.... but it is nearly impossible to prove from where a movement came from (or went). I have bought and sold at least 10 of them over time. And I would bet that other tower clock folks have bought and sold them too... and it always pays to know who you are buying from and where the movements came from, but Craig's List, and eBay, and the like preclude any really verification of provinance.....unfortunately....I have one in the shop right now, unrestored, that I have owned for 5+ years.....see second photo
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    Registered User lamarw's Avatar
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    Default Re: Historic Clock Movement Stolen (By: Jim DuBois)

    I wish they would of had a camera surveliance system. Such inexpensive security.

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    Thumbs down Re: Historic Clock Movement Stolen (By: lamarw)

    Unfortunately so called collectors will buy anything. Ridiculous, This would never be melted for scrap, because it would yield only a few dollars. Several weeks ago thieves in Poland took the sign over Auschwitz for sale to a collector, but later the sign was retrieved. People are Nuts today.
    My family were watchmakers for over 175 years, and in the last years of the business in New York, we finally had to keep door locked while the shop was open, because of robberies.

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    Default Re: Historic Clock Movement Stolen (By: FredWJensen)

    Reading some of these post of stolen clocks just sterngthens my pro capital punishment stance!...hoo-boy(not meant as a joke!)

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    Default Re: Historic Clock Movement Stolen (By: hoo-boy)

    Seattlelites- Thank you in advance for keeping the forum abreast of any and all developments in this tragedy which sickens me.

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