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    Default Waltham Riverside Wristwatch?

    My questions are:
    Is this a complete Waltham wristwatch, not a re-case?(Case is Illinois) Since the case should be a Hunter not a wristwatch according to the info.
    Does anyone have any more information about such a movement?
    The information below is what I was able to piece together for the movement.
    I am also posting pictures of the movement.

    Made:1935 ?
    First: 28791001 Last: 28796000
    Material:P Grade:No. 371
    Size: 3/0
    Jewels: 21
    Bal: Breguet Spring
    Style: Htg.

    I did find this thread, so I guess I'm not alone.

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    Default Re: Waltham Riverside Wristwatch? (By: waltham845)

    Waltham sold relatively few "complete" wristwatches at the time. These movements were made originally as ladies pendant watch movements, and were later produced specifically for use in wristwatches. As wristwatches caught on with the public, jewelers would put together movements and cases to make a wristwatch, just as they had traditionally done with pocketwatches.

    The "hunter" designation refers to the position of the winding stem at 90 degrees to the fourth wheel (ie at 3), rather than 180 degrees (ie at 12). It doesn't refer to the type of case the movement was eventually placed in.

    While this watch likely wasn't cased at the factory by Waltham, it is still a correct configuration for the period.
    Cary Hurt

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    Default Re: Waltham Riverside Wristwatch? (By: Cary Hurt)

    Thank you for the info. I do like this wristwatch, its keeping good time as well. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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    Default Re: Waltham Riverside Wristwatch? (By: waltham845)

    NICE WATCH I have one of these in a gold dennision case great timekeppers..I Would find a nice enemal dial for the watch they look much better than the painted metal dials.

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    Default Re: Waltham Riverside Wristwatch? (By: s. smith)

    I have a similar movement, earlier number 27,410,497. It is listed as a 1907 model. What is the difference between the 371 and the 1907? They must have been quite expensive as a small movement. The 0 size Riverside Maximus was fancier and about $65. This one must have cost about $50. Lots of money for a small watch movement in those days. I have some old cases to try and complete the watch.

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    Default Re: Waltham Riverside Wristwatch? (By: Jeff Salmon)

    Jeff - you are confusing model designation with grade designation. These are 1907 model movements, which indicate the basic layout and construction (based on the 0-size 1907 model). 371 is a grade, which appears to have been the same as what was also called the Riverside (21j version) in this model.

    It is most likely that the 21j 3/0 movement was not factory cased. In 1926 Waltham was listing 3/0 movements "to be used with the many popular Men's strap cases -- a wide variety of which can be furnished by your jeweler Ö " Waltham's 1930 catalog featured many cased watches in smaller sizes and included 3/0 movements "supplied with dials to harmonize with your choice of case". The 1930 catalog does not yet include the 21j Riverside movement but I do find it in my 1936 material catalog. I have no reason to doubt that by 1935 the 3/0 was still being sold to be cased by the jeweler. When these (21j Riverside or 371) were made they almost certainly were for wrist watch use and not for pendants, which had long been out of fashion.
    Jerry Treiman, NAWCC member since 1971
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    Default Re: Waltham Riverside Wristwatch? (By: Jerry Treiman)


    Thanks for un-confuzing me. Being confuzed has cauzed me lots of problemz over the years.

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