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    Default Elgin Pocket Watch in Gold Dueber Case

    Elgin Pocket Watch in Gold Dueber Case...

    Wife found in her mother's things...
    I'm fascinated by old clocks, watches...
    But no expert by any means...
    Been searching for info on this piece...
    No luck with case or serial numbers, nuttin'...
    Then I found the NAWCC site...
    I think I've found the right place...

    I know you don't do appraisals...
    I just wanna know if it's worth the time and expense...
    To fix it, and where do I go?...
    Any guesses on repair costs (see "repairs needed below)?...
    And where I should send this piece?...
    How do I get a photo to you?...
    What's the approximate year of manufacture?...
    Is the case 14K gold or GF?...
    Is it particularly rare?...

    Watch I.D. info:
    =Elgin National Watch Co. USA, 17 jewels, approx. 1-7/8" diameter
    ="Safety Pinion", Thin Black Roman Numerals on white face
    =Second hand at 6 o'clock
    =Ser. # 14602229

    Case I.D. info:
    ="Dueber" stamped in anchor sheild and "Special" (Outer rear hatch)
    =Ser # 7951966 "Warranted 25 years "Dueber" (Inner rear hatch)
    =Front hatch #'s match rear, "51966" on rear frame at 3 o'clock
    =Old English Style (?) initial 'P' on sheild on front hatch
    =Cottage at 12 o'clock on rear hatch
    =Both outer hatches very ornate...inner hatch unengraved
    =No engraving (except as above on circular outer frame

    Repairs needed:
    =Believe broken mainspring
    (ratchets but never gets tight)
    escapement free but only does a few rotations, then stops)
    =Belive stem needs work
    (cannot set the hands)
    =No crystal on face
    =Assume general clean and lube is warranted

    Wanna thank any and all in advance...
    For any advice...

    Wes Mix

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    Default Re: Elgin Pocket Watch in Gold Dueber Case (By: professorwes@aol.com)

    Hi Wes and welcome here, you came to the right place to ask questions.
    I guess the value is what you place on it as a family heirloom.If it were me i would like to know who owned it in my family and have that written down, to pass on in the family.
    Posting pictures is not difficult.I would be glad to post them for you if you send them to me.
    Figure at least 250 dollars to get the work done on the watch.This varies so not a accurate number, just a estimate.
    Elgin made great watches and a 17 jewel is a good watch to have restored.
    One clock at a time. Kevin West

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    Smile Re: Elgin Pocket Watch in Gold Dueber Case (By: Kevin W.)

    Hi Wes:

    Welcome to the NAWCC American Pocket Watch Message Board!

    Elgin Watch Co. serial number 14,602,229 can be looked up on Wayne Schlitt's website, as explained in the linked-to Wiki article. Doing so, it can be seen to be a ladies, 0-size, grade No. 263, hunting-case movement, built around 1909. If one were to consider all jeweled watch movements as being separated into three grade groups; low; medium; and high; then this movement can be considered to be in the low-to-middle end of the medium grade group.

    You can see a picture of the movement (which helps confirm the information), a catalog description and where it fit in Elgin's line of ladies' watches on page 75 of the 1903 Oy Company Catalog.

    Your watch case was made by the Dueber Watch Case Manufacturing Co. The Dueber Special grade of case was a gold-filled case.

    Watch service is probably going to cost a lot more than the watch is worth as a collectable item. It is normal to compare the cost of servicing and repairing a pocket watch to the value of that watch as a collectable in order to decide whether or not to have the work done. However, when the watch is a family heirloom, the issue is much more difficult to judge, and depends upon one's sense of family history. It is one thing to have and display grandfather's watch (perhaps in an inexpensive glass watch dome). It is quite another to be able to wear it (running and keeping reasonable time) on important occasions, especially family occasions. Whatever it costs to service and repair a watch today, it will cost more (with parts being a little harder to find) ten, twenty or thirty years from now when you might want to pass it on to the next generation. Nobody can really advise you which way to go on this subject. Of course, personal financial circumstances must be considered. Each person must decide on his/her own.

    Having gathered and printed out information about a family watch, it is a wise idea to write out as much as you know about the family member to whom the watch originally belonged. Then, add the names and relationships of the family members who passed it down to the current holder. Make up a booklet with this and all of the watch information and try to keep it with the watch. This way, the watch has real family heritage instead of it just being an old family watch, the identity and relationship of the original owner having been lost in the distant past.

    Good luck,
    That guy down in Georgia

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