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    Default I have an old Clinton watch

    My Name is Larry and my passed away and in here pocket book I found some old watches, I have identified one as a elgin made in 1936. but I have a second one that is marked as a 17 jewel movement swiss made watch made by the Clinton Watches. Can anyone give me any idea about this watch, year made, where made, value; etc I would like to find out more about the watch but am really not interested in selling.

    thanks for your help
    Larry Lawing

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    Default Re: I have an old Clinton watch (By: lrlawing)

    The Clinton is Swiss made on one of the more popular ebauches. I seem to recall Font or Felsa. Either way---the watch would be a good time keeper of average quality.

    Pictures would help in dating your watch but off hand (given other Clintons I have seen), I would say it is from the 1940 to 1950's era.

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