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    Default Rare - Ansonia "King" Model

    Hello, Recently purchased an Ansonia "King" model clock, but to my surprise the label on the rear reads - "Austral" . This is the second one in my collection that I have acquired that has this label. Most of the ones I have seen normally do have the "King" label on the rear of the clock. Could this have been a variant model of the "King" made by Ansonia, possibly for the Australian market. Hence the abbreviation: Austral which could be short for Australia. Has anyone seen the "Austral" model noted in any Ansonia publications. But why would Ansonia sell this same clock with two different model names on their label.? I forgot to mention. I live in Australia.
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    Here are some more pics of my other "Austral" model clock.
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    Default Re: Rare - Ansonia "King" Model (By: kingclock)

    King, I think you are right, that this label is used for export clocks, specifically Australia. The Austral model isn't shown in Tran's Ansonia book.
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