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    Default Wassergeschutzt edelstahlboden

    Looking for some information for my husbands, fathers wristwatch. Where can we get detailed information , it is a German Wassergeschutz Edelstahlboden Stossgesichert Glassmuteisa gold watch and we know nothing about it , Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Wassergeschutzt edelstahlboden (By: anna)


    Quote Originally Posted by anna View Post
    ...Wassergeschutz Edelstahlboden Stossgesichert Glassmuteisa...
    I assume this is from the information printed on the caseback.

    About all I can decipher is that it's water resistant ("Wasser Geschütz" would translate literally as "water gun" but that makes little sense in this context), shock resistant, and that it has a stainless steel back. "Glassmuteisa" might be some form of "Glashutte", a well-known German watchmaking center, and home to the highly regarded Glashutte Original brand. There were many lesser watches produced in this area during it's time as a part of the former Communist state of East Germany, and I have a feeling your watch may be one of those.

    Clear pictures would help.


    Cary Hurt
    Cary Hurt

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    Default Re: Wassergeschutzt edelstahlboden (By: Cary Hurt)

    from my memory of living in East Germany 10 years ago - water proof, shock resistant, stainless steel

    interestingly muteisa means mutate in spanish!

    But I think Glassmuteisa would be most likely the factory or a surname (or both)

    good luck, Rhoda

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    Default Re: Wassergeschutzt edelstahlboden stoosgesichert (By: rhodamack)

    i have one as well--its gold with a white face and 2 smaller stop watch dials at the 3 and 9 position; and says stoosgesichert above the 6 and GB under the 12.
    It was my girlfriends; fathers watch,must be pretty old . can you tellme anything about it?

    I'm going to have it opened up and I hope i can get it to work. it has one big pop out dial and 2 others for stop watch i guess?
    i can send you a foto if you'd like

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    Default Re: Wassergeschutzt edelstahlboden stoosgesichert (By: andrew rogers)


    Your watch is likely the product of Gustav Bössenroth, a Berlin watchmaker and retailer in the 1920s and 1930s. There are other possibilities for the GB marking. "Stoosgesichert" is a German word for "Shock resistant", more or less.

    Pictures of the dial and movement, plus any markings on the case would make it easier to tell you something useful.
    Cary Hurt

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    Default Re: Wassergeschutzt edelstahlboden (By: Cary Hurt)

    Wasser Geschutz is loosely translated as waterproof or water protected.


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    Default Re: Wassergeschutzt edelstahlboden (By: Cary Hurt)

    First of all, I am a german nativ speaker (austrian) and my english is worse than just miserable. I am very sorry about that.
    But maybe i can help here with my slightly better german, to correct a little remaining error...

    Quote Originally Posted by Cary Hurt View Post
    About all I can decipher is that it's water resistant ("Wasser Geschütz" would translate literally as "water gun" but that makes little sense in this context),
    The lack of sense results from the missing 't' at the end of 'Wassergeschützt'.
    The word 'Geschütz' actually translates into 'gun' (or may be better - into 'cannon').
    And i think, probably even the Germans do not have a thing like a cannon that shoots water...(But i know almost nothing about arms).
    The little letter added at the end of the word changes the whole meaning :

    'geschützt' just means 'protected'.

    (Despite this little funny misinterpretation, You all were of course completely right in the meaning of the engravings...)

    Last edited by moskau; 03-06-2010 at 07:14 AM.

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    Default Re: Wassergeschutzt edelstahlboden (By: moskau)

    Vielen Danke Harald. Ich sprechen ein bisschen Deustch, aber manchmal es ist nicht so gute.


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    Default Re: Wassergeschutzt edelstahlboden (By: Tom Huber)

    wassergeschützt - waterprotected(wasserdicht - waterproof)
    Edelstahlboden - stainless steel back
    stossgesichert - shockprotected

    The watch is from GUB - VEB Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe

    This had been the socialised corporation of the formerly free watch producers(like A. Lange, UROFA, etc.) in Glashütte/Sa(chsen) under the communist GDR-regime.
    Sachsen - Saxony
    After the German reunion in 1990, the GUB was abrogated and now, we have a few newly founded watch companies there, a part of them as follow up of the old traditional brands e.g. Lange, Mühle.
    The GUB-watches have been the better watches of the GDR, the cheap ones came from Ruhla.
    BTW, this thread should be in the wristwatch-forum, shouldn´t it?
    Last edited by mike184; 03-07-2010 at 03:02 PM.
    Best Regards, Mike

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    Default Re: Wassergeschutzt edelstahlboden (By: mike184)


    Thanks for the input. I'll move the thread to wristwatches.

    Just to make it clear to everyone, this thread deals with two different watches, one asked about several months ago, by "Anna", and another, just recently by Andrew. The responses are mingled, so I can't really split them into separate threads.
    Cary Hurt

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    Default Re: Wassergeschutzt edelstahlboden (By: Cary Hurt)

    As an added and quasi-related aside, I urge you all to visit the museum in Glasshutte. I have had the pleasure three time and each time find something new. Truly one of the most exciting horological museums in the world.

    Glasshutte Original is well represented of course, as well as all of the watch companies mentioned above.

    The early companies of Glasshutte are all over and not just Lange.

    They have a terrific section on the "socialized"era as well. And a nod to Mühle Glashütte Nautische Instrumente

    Jeff Hess

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