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    Default Benrus WW2 Commemorative

    I recently bought a Benrus WW2 Commemorative 50th Anniversary of D-Day Wrist Watch. 17J, It keeps very good time, and is hackable.

    My hearing is not all that good so I can't hear the ticking of my other mechanical watches held up to my ear. This one has a ringing ticking sound. Not that I'm bothered by it, But it makes me wonder about movement quality and noise.

    I absolutely love the watch and have no problems with it. but who is really making the watch?
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    Default Re: Benrus WW2 Commemorative (By: outatime)

    It would appear as though this watch is being sold on line, which is where I suspect you bought yours. I found a website where it is listed as "assembled in the U S factory, and uses a Swiss, manual wind, 17-jewel movement". But the website isn't any more specific than that. About the only way to determine who actually made the watch would be to open it up. But do not expect the innards to have an identifiable watch company name on it. I suspect the case is of Asian origin as would be the dial, hands, strap, etc. As to how it sounds relative to the quality of the watch? I don't think there is any relationship between "sound" and "quality", but as long as you are happy with it, the quality appears to be adequate.

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    Default Re: Benrus WW2 Commemorative (By: doug sinclair)

    You could have an Ebauche Bettlach movement. They are kind of cheap tinny looking things, some pin lever, but actually work pretty well. Look like a jeweled Timex.

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