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    Post Welby Division Elgin Mantel Clock

    I obtained my folks mantel clock. It is a Welby Division, Elgin National Watch Company, Germany, Two (2) Jewels. The number stamped above the information is 340-020. It keeps perfect time, has the original key and chimes. It chimes every 15 mins and on the hour. I would just like to know a little more about it. (i.e., it's worth and any other helpful information.) I am having one problem with it, the hourly chimes are 1 hour off. (I.e., if it's 5:00 it chimes 6 times.) Is there anyway to fix this without taking it to the repair shop? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks much!

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    Default Re: Welby Division Elgin Mantel Clock (By: Verna)

    Hi, Verna, welcome to the message board. We are not allowed to discuss values here. Your clock, going by the numbers you gave us, has a Hermle movement. There should be either a two number or one letter date code just above the movement number (340-020). This will give an accurate date of manufacture. To reset your hour strike, move the hour hand to the time that it is striking (it's just a friction fit), then move the minute hand to the correct time, allowing it to chime each 15 minutes. To get an idea of its worth, check for similar clocks on ebay. I think you will find it's more valuable to you as a family heirloom, than to anyone you would sell it to.
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    Default Re: Welby Division Elgin Mantel Clock (By: harold bain)

    Hi Harold! My bad on asking about the price. I'm new and as you can see I don't know what I'm doing . I don't want to sell it, I was just courious. It was my grandfathers clock and I intend to keep it for a very long time.. I looked for a date above the stamped date and there isn't any. (Do you think that might suggest it's pretty old?) I moved the hour hand like you said and it was near chiming, so I waited a few seconds and it chimed 7 times at 7:00. I will correct the time later. Thank you very much for your help. I appreciate it!!
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    Default Re: Welby Division Elgin Mantel Clock (By: Verna)

    Hi Verna,

    The date code could be an alphabetic letter e.g. "A" or other. Hermle used this method after they quit using the numeric (89) for example.

    I would not think that your clock is very old....that is no more than 30 or so years old. A picture might help date it as well.

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    Default Re: Welby Division Elgin Mantel Clock (By: Verna)

    Thanks for your info Richard! There is absolutly nothing else stamped anywhere. No letters, no numbers nothing. Oh well, maybe I'll never know exactly how old it is. I have another question. There are 3 places to wind the clock. I have wound it so it keeps time, but does not chime (at all). Is there a winding combo that allows only certain chimes? (i.e., just the half hours, just on the hour?) One last question. What does Two (2) Jewels mean?

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