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    Default Vibrograf 390 manual or inking info.

    I just picked up an old Vibrograf 390, and after a few initial problems, appear to have it functioning.
    However I cannot work out how to ink the tape.
    I suspect it was of the type where you just added ink, as it would be a huge job to remove it. (Major disassemble by all appearances)
    Before I just go dumping stamp pad ink onto the tape, I thought it may be better to see if anyone here has instructions or experience with this.
    I did contact Vibrograf, who were most helpful, but they don't have the 390 info.
    I do now have copies of B100, B200A, and Chronografic manuals BTW, thanks to Vibrograf, and members here. (If anyone wants copies send me an email- watchwerx@bigpond.com)
    All the above machines used thermal or combo with ink ribbon, but the ribbon setups are completely different to this one.
    Would kill for a manual, but any info as to the ink tape would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: Vibrograf 390 manual or inking info. (By: offshore1)

    I don't know if this helps you but I bought a universal replacement typewriter ribbon from an office supply store for my B100. Worked fine with a little modification.

    I read where others used thermal paper of the correct width for machines with dried out ribbons. That also worked for me but the lines weren't as dark as I liked.


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