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    Default Rules and SOP question.

    The "Copyright of text" article states:

    The NAWCC Encyclopedia is not a repository for public domain works, and articles should not simply be copies of other works.
    It would be very useful to have a repository for out-of-print, out-of-copyright reference material. Specifically things like manufacturer's parts guides, and repair guides. Perhaps the NAWCC encyclopedia is not the appropriate place for such things, but it would make sense to me.
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    Lightbulb Re: Rules and SOP question. (By: flynwill)

    The NAWCC Library and Research Center has an outstanding collection of catalog and related ephemera. There has been an on-going project for some years now to scan this material.

    I don't know if the decision has been made on how to make it available on-line. It may be available for free, or it may require a membership or subscription to view.

    The back issues of the NAWCC Bulletin represent the same opportunity.

    Once we have our on-line resources working smoothly there will be a LOT of material available on-line.

    The new Community system will provide the capability for members to upload libraries of images also. You can already do that on this facility by setting up either a personal or social group album that is viewable by the public. The Community system will be a little easier to use, especially if you want various images to be viewable by different groups of people.
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