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    Default Watches that need identifying. Please Help!

    Hello! I have two watches that were probably from my grandparents and I would like to find out how old they are and if they are worth anything.

    The first one is very small, only 1.25" across. Possibly a ladies watch. Looks like gold. On the inside of the case it is engraved "Remontoir Cylindre, Dix Rubis, Matile, Locle" What might be a serial number is 17010 and then a 2 directly under the 17010. White face with roman numerals and frilly etching. Face in the shape of a vague star.

    The other is a bit bigger. 2" across, gold, white face, smaller circle for counting seconds, roman numerals, Illinois Watch Co. on face. Engraved on the back of the case is a deer in a wooden door frame with flowers. Inside the case is engraved an anchor with a snake wrapped around it, very small. Dueber 1530710
    On the very inside is engraved Illinois watch Co. Springfield Ill. No.393553.

    Long post I know, but if anyone could help I would appreciate it! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Watches that need identifying. Please Help! (By: Steph)

    Pictures woudl help a lot.

    The first is a a ten jewel "cylinder" movement. The cylinder is a now obsolete style of watch and 10 jewels is a fairly high grade example. Cylinder watches were popular for ladies watches. There are a lot of Matiles in Switzerland but at least one was a a very fine maker having won some watch timing contests.

    Remontoir means stem wound. Swiss gold is tricky. If it is hallmarked its relaible high carat gold. From your description it may be too old to be covered by Swiss Hallmarkign standards. If it is hallmarked you will see very small punch marks on the covers, pendant, and the bow. Different grades of gold had different marks.

    I may be off on the Illinois, but my version of the data shows this to have been made in 1882 an 18 size (Large man's size) 11 Jewel Hunting case (winds at 3 o'clock) watch. Deuber is the case maker. It's an American Watch and if I got any of this wrong a swarm of my outraged colleagues will soon correct me on this information

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    Default Re: Watches that need identifying. Please Help! (By: Steph)

    Thanks for getting back to me so quick! I know nothing about timepieces so some of what you said was greek, but now i know a lot more than I did before, thanks!

    As soon as i get my camera back I will take pictures to post.

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    Smile Re: Watches that need identifying. Please Help! (By: Steph)


    Several glossaries, or descriptions, of watch terms are available online:
    CWR Technical Pages on the Carignan Watch Repair Company, Inc. website.
    The Time Zone has an excellent Glossary of Watch Parts,
    The Horology WebRing offers The Watch-Collector's Paradise,
    The Watch Cabinet has A Brief Glossary of Technical Terms.

    Good luck,
    That guy down in Georgia

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    Default Re: Watches that need identifying. Please Help! (By: Kent)


    I did not go into a lot of detial on cylinder watches because it's a complex topic.

    The "Reader's Digest" version is as follows.

    1) All watches have an escapement. This is the collection of parts that literally make it tick. They let down power one step at a time. They also pwer teh balance wheel with works like a pendulum. Watches from when yours were made use either a cylinder or lever escapement.

    here is a link to a cylinder animation http://www.abbeyclock.com/bcyl.html

    The little c shaped thing is part of the balance wheel.

    Here is link to an animation of a lever escapement.
    http://www.abbeyclock.com/bwatch.html It shows part of the "lever' This animation shows the whole lever.


    The part which rocks back and forth is called the lever.

    It is a hard thing to understand but it shows what I wrote about.

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