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    Default WIKI Intelectual Property Rights

    The intent of the WIKI system is to use a CCL (Creative COmmons Licence) to post Articles about Horology. This Public use system allows every Member the ability to Add To and to Edit the material in the Article.


    1) The Author has the ability to lock the Article to prevent anyone from altering the content of the Article.This also prevents any further development by the GROUP.

    2) The use of a "By Author" should prevent anyone from changing the Content in the area designated. As per Example:

    By Author

    Content of material

    By Author

    Any updates by others must be added after the (By Author)

    3) Use of Quotes, as per Quote=KirxKlox in square brackets

    One of the biggest problems is the use of images. I have found that many individuals do not understand that even if the NAWCC owns the Copyright of an Image or of material that they do not have permission to use the material without giving proper Credit. As per example: you receive permission to use images and Write-ups from a Bulletin Article. You are still required to post the Author and the Information about where the material came from. Credidation is critical. The use of Annotated Writings and Footnotes is a "must do!"

    Even the unintentional Plagerism makes the NAWCC look unprofessional.

    All of this will require that the CopyRight Rules for the MB to be upgraded.

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    Default Re: WIKI Intelectual Property Rights (By: kirxklox)

    A wiki group is in the process of being set up. One of its first tasks will be to resolve issues, such as copyright, and provide quideline and help articles.

    In the mean time it is recommended that authors and image uploaders should stick rigidly to the advice "If in doubt, don't do it" when any issue of copyright may be involved.
    Richard Watkins
    Books: http://watkinsr.id.au

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