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Thread: Wiki structure

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    Default Wiki structure

    The Wiki base has already reached the point where it is becoming unusable.

    In particular, the Wiki default American pocket watches has 109 articles presented in order of date and finding information is becoming very difficult. These articles need to be structured into categories/books to make them accessible. Without such structuring the collection of information will rapidly become unusable.

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    Default Re: Wiki structure (By: Richard Watkins)

    DUIT! You have the tools just as much as I do.

    I am waiting to see how many have the gumption to go the extra MILE!

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    Lightbulb Re: Wiki structure (By: kirxklox)

    It will need some effort to generate the categories and books. The ones that exist are partly for utility and partly to demonstrate how it works.

    Vault Wiki categories have the weakness that they are not truly hierarchical. One can place categories within another category, but there is no top level view where lower level categories are suppressed. That weakness eventually leads to a large number of categories that is nearly as bad as the pile of articles.

    We can use the vBulletin category structure to subdivide articles as I have done with Wiki Default by putting in subforums for each of the message board discussion forums. I don't know if that approach really helps all that much.

    One can also create articles that are essentially lists of references to other articles. That adds another level to the hierachy (or as many levels as one likes), but the contents are not readily found in the category indexes.

    Of course, the search facility does work on all these things and can be used to ferret out material.

    The $64 question is "how do we want to do it?" Once we have decided, documenting the structure for readers and authors should help a lot in navigating the content.

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