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    Default Switch for Dazor bench lamps?

    I purchased 3 Dazor #2134 double floresent lamps about 20 years back. The wierd little on/off switches are starting to give trouble and I would like to replace them. Trouble is that after a ton of Google searches there seems to be no supplier for what would seem to be a common replacement part. This is a very wierd little switch, it's flat with 3 solder lugs on each side and two pushbuttons sticking out at the top, one red (start) and one black (off). I took one of the switches apart a couple of years back and got it to working, but I realized then that they were definately not designed to be repaired.

    Any help in this search will be appreciated,
    Willie X

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    Default Re: Switch for Dazor bench lamps? (By: Willie X)

    Pictures, numbers from the switch etc... might help.

    Can't you adapt a different switch?

    Here's a link to their contact info


    I also see your light offered cheap, probably cheaper than a switch on Craigslist..... and maybe eBay has some.


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    Default Re: Switch for Dazor bench lamps? (By: Ralph)

    I have had good use of Dazor units as well, they are the best. Two-tube 15W lamps model, and three 7-1/2W lamps unit with large magnifier.

    I find the heavy base desk models, with flexible conduit fixture supports, on a fairly regular basis at garage sales, etc, for cheap cheap. Break them down for ballasts, switch assy, lamp sockets, lamps, and white painted reflector. If your switch assy does switch power, but the snap action is lost for starting, you can easily add a external start button, functional, but not aesthetically pleasing. The ballasts also fail, the leads crumble out of windings after years of heat cycling, and rough in-out movement of the fixture.

    I find no source of NOS parts for earlier models (yet) with round switch buttons. I have gleeped up all the units I can too, from office settings, as drafting boards are gathering dust. CW

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