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    Default Tourbillion Question

    Ok, guys, check my reasoning on this. A traditional tourbillion rotates in the same plane as the plates of the watch. It doesn't do any compensating in the dial up or down positions, because there should be no position error in these positions.

    Now that larger, thicker movements have become popular, Panarai and others are experimenting with a transverse mounted tourbillion that flips over instead of rotating. It would "compensate" in the dial up and down positions when it is not needed, but fail to compensate when its transverse axis is vertical.

    So it is really cool to watch it, but not as good as the traditional tourbillion arrangement. I got confused just writing this, but I think I'm right. What do you guys think?


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    Default Re: Tourbillion Question (By: N2FHL)

    Here is a link to Panerai's site to show the type of tourbillion I'm talking about.

    Sorry Link doesn't work.
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