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    Question trying something

    Case GradeCase Material
    Cashier25-year Gold Filled case
    FortuneGold Filled case
    EmpressGold Filled case
    SilveroidNickel case

    Case GradeCase Material
    FortuneGold Filled case
    EmpressGold Filled, or Rolled Gold Plate case
    DerbyRolled Gold Plate (The Derby grade was used earlier by the Montreal Watch Case Co. - MWCCo, which may have been YGF or RGP)
    Nickel SilverNickel case
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    That guy down in Georgia

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    Default Re: trying something (By: Kent)

    Case GradeCase Material
    FavoriteGold-Flled case originally guaranteed for 20 years, after February 1898 for 25 years.
    PuritanGold-Filled case guaranteed for 5 years
    That guy down in Georgia

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