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Thread: Elgin Deluxe

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    Default Elgin Deluxe

    I'm a casual watch collector. Bought this today at an antique/furniture store where I've picked up some interesting watches. It appears to keep perfect time.

    Can anyone tell me the vintage? Given the bezel and letters, I'd say 1930s.


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    Default Re: Elgin Deluxe (By: brennerpr)

    The DP logo is for dura power which I believe is for their alloy springs which would put it at post war. Looks like 1950s to me. I'll look through my books to see if there is a name. A photo of the movement and SN really helps.

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    Default Re: Elgin Deluxe (By: Dave Haynes)


    Thanks! After my post, I did open the watch (which I have some trepidation about doing) and got the movement serial number. Using the Elgin serial number dating info, I determined that it was indeed made in 1951. You are spot on!

    For general info, the # is S 457109; the S translates to 50, meaning 50,457,109, which is 1951.

    In any case, it's a nice looking watch, and keeps nearly perfect time. I just need to get a 17mm strap; the 16mm strap I put on it is a tad narrow (and I tried an 18mm strap, which is a bit too wide).

    Thanks again,


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