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    Default Duquesne Brewery Clock, Pittsburgh

    Hi, all!

    I've been contacted by a writer who is looking for detailed info about the The Duquesne Brewery clock (or the Pittsburgh soda clock, or the Stroh's Clock, or the Equitable Gas Clock, or any of a number of names this clock has been called over the years).

    It was supposedly the largest single face clock in the world when it was installed in Pittsburgh in 1933, with a 60-foot-by-60-foot clock face, 35 foot minute hand and a 25 foot hour hand of laminated aluminum.

    Built in Georgia by Audichron for $12,500, it was apparently mounted on a huge billboard for a period of time before being attached to the Duquesne Brewery Building. Most likely became the Duquesne Brewery clock in May, 1961.

    It got waterlogged and froze in 1983 or thereabouts, and was repaired.

    Equitable Gas is letting its lease run out on the clock, leaving the clock face available for other companies to advertise.

    I told the writer that if anyone in the world made this particular clock their personal topic of research, they could most likely be contacted here.

    If anyone has more info on the clock in question, I'd be most appreciative to pass it along to Mr. Brandolphe (the writer guy).

    Markus Harris
    Communications Director (NAWCC)

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    Default Re: Duquesne Brewery Clock, Pittsburgh (By: Markus Harris)

    A Google search reveals only that the Audichron Co. of Georgia made voice recordings of the time, temperature etc. for telephone and radio.

    The company is now known as the ETC company and apparently continues the Audichron product line.

    I don't understand why the small Audichron company in Georgia would construct a one-off giant clock for installation in Pittsburgh PA. Perhaps it was engineered by Audichron and built by a local Pittsburgh construction company.

    Try for the makers of the giant Colgate clock in New Jersey which could be seen across the Hudson in lower Manhattan.
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    H.J. (Les) Lesovsky, Alhambra California

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    Default Re: Duquesne Brewery Clock, Pittsburgh (By: eskmill)

    Audichron made outdoor clocks-- most of them for Coca-Cola - only until 1934. The Duquesne clock was one of its last (and was probably a Coca-Cola clock itself, originally). At the time of its construction it was supposedly the largest outdoor clock in the world.

    The motor that drives it is a little Janett, made in Chicago, and produces 1 1/4 hp to run the clock arms. The clock was designed and created by John L. Franklin, who founded Audichron in 1931.
    Markus Harris
    Communications Director (NAWCC)

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