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    Default German Hall Clock

    I've had for several years a German Hall Clock, about7.5' tall, beveled glass door, weight driven with chain movement - inside the case is a placque marked as follows:

    Edwin Mende Uhrmachermeister Dresden A28

    Does anyone have information on this person? I'm assuming that he was the retailer and perhaps had something to do with the production of the clock. From the style of the clock I believe that it is circa 1900-20.


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    Default Re: German Hall Clock (By: tickntock1)

    Jim, the A28 sounds like it could be a date code. Junghans used this type code with A as the first half of the year and B the second half. Anything on the movement or chime rod base that might help identify the maker?
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    Default Re: German Hall Clock (By: tickntock1)

    Hi Jim,

    I also would think that is the ID plate of the retailer of your clock. If you could remove the movement and check the back for a trademark we may be able to tell who made your clock. Of course that is if you don't already know the maker....

    I don't know your experience level so just a reminder to all to remove the weights, pendulum and any thumb or regular screws holding the seatboard in place and just slide the movement/board out.

    Below is a similar identification plate from a Hans Winterhalder German GF that I have.

    I see that Harold posted just before me.......


    Richard T.
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    Default Re: German Hall Clock (By: Richard T.)

    Thasnks for the reply, Richard T. The plate on my clock is very similar to yours, however, I think that the A28 refers to, perhaps, a postal or area of Dresden and has nothing to do with the number of the movement.

    I was wondering if there were any records of this person doing business in Dresden?

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    Default Re: German Hall Clock (By: tickntock1)


    I did check Watchmakers & Clockmakers of the World, Brian Loomes, (2006) and there is only one Mende listed and he was not Edwin and was in England. I agree with you that the A28 could be a postal code.

    Perhaps others may have more information.


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    Default Re: German Hall Clock (By: Richard T.)

    The 1904 Adreßbuch lists E.M. among the 300 or so clockmakers in Dresden (see snip below). The business was founded in 1898, and it's in the Löbtau section of Dresden at that street address. The numbers in parentheses attend to a code (also below). In this instance, some of everything.

    And this is what where you clock was sold looks like today: http://nachbarschaft.immobilienscout...nk,310161.html
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    Default Re: German Hall Clock (By: zepernick)

    Thanks very much for the info Zep. I would imagine that this area where Mende had his shop was totally obiliterated during the bombing of the second world war. That would explain the "architecture" of the bank that is there now.

    Is there anyway to find out more about Edwin Mende? Or to locate a picture of what this street looked like at about the turn of the century.

    Is the name "Mende" of Jewish extraction? If so, I'd doubt that there would be anyone of his line left in the Dresden area. I'd love to know more about him and his business.

    Thanks again for your research!

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    Default Re: German Hall Clock (By: tickntock1)

    You could start doing various Google searches (e.g. Kesselsdorferstraße) and genealogical site searches (Mende) which might turn up information (say, through the LDS's Family Search, on any of the German sites which sell historical postcards, or a family gen site, or give leads through combos e.g. K-str/Uhren). Or then again might not

    But it's the question of motivation not the how that's at the core. EM might not have been of special historical let alone horological interest -- i.e. perhaps he was just another of some 300 clockmakers who were in effect retailers in Dresden, just one German city, among tens of thousands of others at the time. And if someone on this MB didn't happen to have a copy of the 1904 Adreßbuch, and be willing to look, he wouldn't show up all.

    In short, tryng to find more information about him would most likely involve a motivation on your part that wasn't necessarily shared by othersat least on a voluntary, "non profit" basis. For example, you'd probably want to check with the Dresdner Stadtarchiv, the Dresden city archives. And they even have some general information in English: http://www.dresden.de/en/02/anliegen/archiv.php. But enquiries are considered on a fee basis (such as so much per half-hour).

    And if there is little information, it might not be as a result of the war(s) and all. It might simply be like an entry for an American or a British "clockmaker" of the same period, where there's just a name and a "circa" year. Or for most in fact, not even an entry.

    But curiosity is an itch that itches the more it's scratchedAnd remember to come back here with what you've found!


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