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    Default NAWCC - Horology - The Index

    NAWCC - Horology - The Index

    Fortunat has graciously donated the content of Horology - The Index to the NAWCC. I have taken over the responsibility of upgrading the Site Pages to a new style.

    As any system that is being developed there are hundreds of Typos, Mispelled Words and Coding Errors. PLUS: Many of the LINKS are no longer valid.

    As a Volunteeer, if you would like to assist in VETTING this information it would be appreciated.

    1) Identify the PAGE you are working on. List the errors. Try to find a new Link to an old non working page or even a link to the Way Back system.

    2) If you would like to recommend New Links, add them here and a recommended Category.

    3) This forum will be the primary means of adding NEW LINKS!

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    Default Re: NAWCC - Horology - The Index (By: kirxklox)

    Horology - The Index is now officially back online, updated, expanded and integrated with the new NAWCC website.

    You can visit this amazing new resource here:


    Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to get this fantastic horological index up to date and back up to speed! In the years to come we predict that the index will continue to grow, and will once again become the first place one looks when one is searching for online horological information and the websites which contain it.

    Excellent work, gentlemen! Well done.


    Markus Harris
    Communications Director (NAWCC)

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