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    Default Question regarding "waranteed

    I read this on a website:

    "I have a Wadsworth Pilot pocket watch case (only). It states made of 2 plates of SOLID GOLD guaranteed warranted for 25 years. I was concerned about the word "plate" so I had it checked. My jewelers each stated that the reference to "plate" means the circular plates (front, back, and inner) -- not plated or filled. I have had this watch ran through a battery of tests at 2 high-end jewelers in separate shops. Every single piece has been cut, acid tested, checked through a large microscope-like machine. The loop/screw mechanism that holds a chain was not gold, as usually aren't due to needing a stronger metal for this piece. That was removed. Every other piece was checked thoroughly and rated 10K, although it isn't marked."

    ..."They both offered over $300 for the case."...

    When I read this, I inferred that the jewelers were telling the owner that
    his case is solid gold.

    From the Shugart's book, it reads that because it states "warranted for 25 years", that it is gold-filled. That is a dead give away. Is there more to it than that or is this case gold filled?


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    Default Re: Question regarding "waranteed (By: Melus28)

    Below is the trademark for the Wadsworth "Pilot" gold-filled case.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Hamilton#Wadsworth-TradeMarks-Pilot-25-Year-Gold-Filled.jpg 
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    Default Re: Question regarding "waranteed (By: Robert Sweet)


    You are correct that the case is gold-filled. The reference to "plates" is that the process of making gold-filled starts with rolling two plates of solid gold on either side of a third, much thicker plate of base metal (usually brass) under pressure, to bond the gold outside to the base metal inside. That's why it's "gold-filled" (ie two plates of gold "filled" with base metal, much like a sandwich) as opposed to "gold plated", where the base metal is simply plated with a much thinner coat of gold.

    Federal law was changed in 1924 to eliminate these potentially deceptive phrases from being used in the descriptions stamped inside cases.

    Cary Hurt

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    Default Re: Question regarding "waranteed (By: Cary Hurt)

    Below is just one of the trademarks that Wadsworth used for a 14K solid gold case,
    I'm sure they used others.

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Name:	Hamilton#Wadsworth-Trademark-Solid-Gold-14K.jpg 
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    Default Re: Question regarding "waranteed (By: Robert Sweet)

    Below is the "Warranty" rule change that Cary is referring to.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Hamilton#Warranty-Rule-Change-Jan-1-1924.jpg 
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