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    Default Waltham wrist watch questions

    I have a Waltham wrist watch Serial # 16677933. It is a 15 Jewel movement. What makes this watch unique is that the 12 o-clock is at the crown, instead of the typical 3 o-clock. I have done a little research on the serial # and think it is circa 1908, but not certain. Anybody have info as to where I can look to find out more? Your help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Waltham wrist watch questions (By: lespaul1976)

    The winding stem being at the 12 position means that it is designed for an open-faced pocketwatch case (the wristwatch cases used the hunter style movement with the stem at 3 as you noted). The Waltham Serial Number Database shows the watch as being a model 1900, but doesn't note when it was manufactured, the manufacturing date may explain the stem position. You can use the above link to get to the database and see what other information is available there. You can also click on the model 1900 (in blue) on the information page and it will allow you to add information that is missing that you may observe.

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    Default What you have is not uncommon (By: Smudgy)

    This period of time was when wrist watches were just becoming popular. There were lots of women's pendant watches in 3/0 and 0 size. they were wound at 12:00. For someone desiring a wrist watch, it was a simple matter to take the movement out of the pendant case and put it into a 3:00 winding wrist watch case. It was also a novelty to some people who wanted this done as it was easy to show someone else the time with the 12 at 3:00. These watches were wound and set with a zinc sleeve and stem that stayed in the case and was independent of the watch movement. If you look at Illinois wristwatches from this period, they often had the sub seconds dial at 9:00 so they could use these more common movements. If you look hard enough you may locate a replacement Waltham dial with the sub second at 9:00 as these were made for just this purpose.

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    Default Re: Waltham wrist watch questions (By: lespaul1976)

    Thanks, Dave and Smudgy. Your explanations have answered the riddle as to why the crown placement is unique. That must be why the crown is a different material than the case. I attached a couple of pics for you to see. Is this watch rare?
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    Default They probably made a half million or more (By: lespaul1976)

    It's not rare at all, but it is a very,very good watch. If it was a 21j Riverside Maximus, I'd say yes it is rare. The features on yours: The dial will be a hand painted porcelain, Those three screwed jewel settings are gold, the plates are nickel and heavily damaskeened, a Swiss watch would have plated brass, the jewels are the finest grade synthetic sapphires, The regulator is a miniature example of the full sized pocket watch and at 15j it would be classed as "fully jeweled". At the time, the finest watches made were usually only 15j, leaving the USA to run the jewel count race up to 23-24j as a sales pitch. If it runs, a good cleaning and a fresh whitealloy mainspring and you'll have a fine vintage watch that should provide excellent service. Don't drop it, there is no shock resistance. If you do accidentally drop it, put your foot out and hope to lessen the fall. The case looks like it may be the first use by this movement, extra cool.

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