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    Registered user. kirxklox's Avatar
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    Default Lake Resia Clock/Bell Tower

    Gone FISHING!

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    Registered user. Kevin W.'s Avatar
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    Default Re: Lake Resia Clock/Bell Tower (By: kirxklox)

    Perhaps the town is under the water?
    I have seen this before , man made lakes??
    One clock at a time. Kevin West

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    Mar 2005
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    Default Re: Lake Resia Clock/Bell Tower (By: Kevin W.)

    Web search shows it is in Italy. Now, does it still run, and does it use water power to operate? (couldn't resist asking)

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    Default Re: Lake Resia Clock/Bell Tower (By: gvasale)

    From a Flickr photo caption:

    "The 14th century campanile of Graun village church, in the province of Bolzano-Bozen on the Italian/Austrian border, emerging from beneath the waters of Lake Resia. This 6.6 square kilometre artificial reservoir was created between April 1940 and July 1950, the minor delay in completing it caused by the major rumpus that was the Second World War. During the winter, the lake often freezes over, making the campanile reachable by foot, while on stormy nights, so legend has it, the old bells are still said to ring out from inside their aquatic stronghold..."

    I couldn't find a picture of the town before it was flooded.

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    Default Re: Lake Resia Clock/Bell Tower (By: Jeremy Woodoff)

    Nice. You think it would be alright if I set that as background for my desktop?
    Being a landscaper, thats beautiful. It combines the best of both worlds.

    Regards, Joe
    'Nothing is as far away as a minute ago' J.Bishop

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