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Thread: Mauthe clock

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    Default Mauthe clock

    I have a Mauthe wall clock. The metal "tag" on the front reads;
    25 jahr Dienstjubilaum
    g.v.d. Beamten d. AmtsstraBenmeisterei

    as near as I can make out

    on the back of the movement there appears to be a model # - 54219?

    and it apperas to be #42 of 105 made - 42/105?

    does anyone know how to track down anything about this clock?

    any help would be apprecaited


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    Default Mauthe clock (By: mkcar1)

    Hi You can do a search (find) on Mauthe and get some more info...there is a link to a site on Mauthe clocks...42/105 unlike art prints is 42 cm pendulum length and 105 beats per minute. The other number is probably a serial number. Happy Hunting!

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    Default Mauthe clock (By: mkcar1)

    Greetings MK --

    I have something similar on my wall that says, in part "für treue Pflichterfüllung während 25 jähriger Tätigkeit...." But whereas mine is a certificate on the occasion of 25 years of service, the fellow who put in 25 years at the Department of Streets/Roads (could also have been dealing with trams and such) in Königsbrück (in Saxony) received that clock.

    His 25 year "service anniversary" was om 1 March 1929. And he was given the clock by the Meister part or group or section at the Amt, the department. And they were civil servants. Our convenient live-in native German speaker (aged 22) finds that word "Amtsstraßenmeisterei" to be weird if not dated <g>. Yes, but just wait 76 years.


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