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    Default Parts for Kundo Electronic?

    Does anyone know where I can find parts for my Electronic Kundo? Some of the gears are missing.

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    Default Re: Parts for Kundo Electronic? (By: sderek)

    Hi, sderek, welcome to the message board. Post a picture of your clock, as Kundo made more than one style of electronic clock. Your best hope is if someone has a scrap clock to rob parts from.
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    Default Re: Parts for Kundo Electronic? (By: harold bain)

    Okay, here's the clock. Thank you in advance for any help!
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    Default More pictures (By: sderek)

    Here are a few more pictures. Any idea of model number?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_1473a.jpg   IMG_1472a.jpg   IMG_1471a.jpg  

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    Default Re: Parts for Kundo Electronic? (By: sderek)

    Your photos don't reveal any "missing gears."

    The KundO "electronic" battery clocks were made to operate using a 1-1/2 volt dry cell; often a package battery made of parallel connected smaller cells.

    The movement is simple and driven by the tiny ratchet wheel which is stroked by a pawl on the pendulum rod.

    The KundO electronic battery clocks suffer from 1. broken/damaged/twisted suspension spring, 2. end-of-life failure of the switching transistor(s), 3. open solenoid coil winding and 4. Serious corrosion of battery holder and connecting wires.

    Maintenance parts for the KundO battery clocks have to come from salvage, as no new replacement parts are available except the suspension spring.
    H.J. (Les) Lesovsky, Alhambra California

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    Default Re: Parts for Kundo Electronic? (By: eskmill)

    I guess I'll just have to keep my eyes open for a parts clock.
    I know I wasn't very specific in my original post. This is what is happening. The clock runs great, at least the pendulum does! But, the hands move freely- I can set them to almost any time I want, but the weight of the minute hand tends to make it stay at the half hour mark. So, I know there is at least 1 missing gear- I just haven't taken the time to determine which gear- or the terminology.

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    Default Re: Parts for Kundo Electronic? (By: sderek)

    I never considered the possibility that it could be a stripped gear (I don't see any), or if some of the gears are pressed on, perhaps it came loose?

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    Default Re: Parts for Kundo Electronic? (By: sderek)

    Hmm. The pendulum swings to and fro but the hands don't move.

    Close inspection of your photo #1473a reveals the pendulum drive pawl set too high. The pawl should engage a tooth of the ratchet wheel to drive the motion works. The depth of pawl engagement is adjustable using the small limit screw. This could be the result of the wrong suspension spring. (too short)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_1473ax.jpg  
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    H.J. (Les) Lesovsky, Alhambra California

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    Default Re: Parts for Kundo Electronic? (By: eskmill)

    That doesn't appear to be the problem- the pawl appears to be at the correct height (it probably looks like it's too high because I locked the pendulum when taking the pictures) and engages the ratchet wheel, and the ratchet wheel advances- I see the ratchet wheel is engaged with another gear, and that one engages another gear, and they both move.
    A side note- it appears one of the ratchet gear pivots is broken- the face side is free- but it still moves the next gear!
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    Default Re: Parts for Kundo Electronic? (By: eskmill)

    Les,just a silly question:How is tension achieved in these:With a spring or washer?Could it be that the hands are not friction fit?
    Just an idea

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    Default Re: Parts for Kundo Electronic? (By: Burkhard Rasch)

    The hands do advance correctly through the hours (when I move them by hand), and they are firmly attached with a nut. It looks like one of the gears on the minute hand shaft is pressed on, and has come loose. It this possible?

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    Default Re: Parts for Kundo Electronic? (By: harold bain)

    Hi, I have a clock that looks much the same with an open in the coil. I am looking for the coil so if you find parts, I would be happy to know if a coil is available. I have started to open the coil and check out the transitor and then try to wind the coil but it really looks tricky.

    thanks, Ernie

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    Thumbs down Re: Parts for Kundo Electronic? (By: erniejenson)

    'Best to look for a donor KundO battery clock. The older models with the transistor nested in the coil bobbin are hard to re-work.

    The center-tapped winding is not carefully wound on the bobbin and my belief is that continual day-night temperature changes stresses the fine wire coil causing an internal break at a stress point; either the sense or the drive coil. Too, the germanium transistor is an old version, possibly having reached end-of-life due to migration of the N junction into the P area.

    There are some guys that have some success at bringing leads of the good coil out to an external two-transistor circuit.

    Look for a late donor salvagable version; one with a single winding coil and a PC board underneath.

    The other issue is the suspension spring....its dimensions are critical to making the clock have a decent rate.

    Some have asked about the hands slipping. That is to say, the pendulum moves, the ratchet rotates but the hands don't go.

    There's at least three or four versions of the basic movement plate layout, all with the same function, various jeweling etc.

    Some have the minute hand held on the canon with a cross pin and tension washer, others have a nut threaded on the arbor and tension washer.

    Many have the canon "frictioned" to the arbor. Remove the canon and observe a milled flat area in the middle. Slide the canon back on the arbor and "pinch" the canon opposite the flat milled area with chain-nose pliers or dykes (cutting pliers) if you dare. The pressure on the canon creates a "tight spot" on the canon and enough friction with the arbor to drive the hands just the same as with pocket watches.
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    H.J. (Les) Lesovsky, Alhambra California

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    Default Re: Parts for Kundo Electronic? (By: eskmill)

    Just for information, I've added the schematics of this Kundo electronic (Cal. 1035).
    The values of the electronic parts are from my Kundo clock, the values in brackets are from the German patent 1.773.306A

    Best regards from Germany
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Kundo 1035.GIF  

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    Default Re: Parts for Kundo Electronic? (By: sderek)

    Quote Originally Posted by sderek View Post
    A side note- it appears one of the ratchet gear pivots is broken- the face side is free- but it still moves the next gear!
    This would account for a loss of time, but not the minute hand dropping to the 6 O-clock position. Repair was with any other broken shaft but be forewarned these are very hard metal.

    I would check the lowest gear in train (this is where the friction clutch is) for looseness. It shares the same shaft that the hands are mounted on.

    In adjusting the pawl I have found that it seems to work best if the pawl drags very slightly over the gear tooth behind the one being driven on the return stroke. The pawls downward force is simply gravity, it is held by a simple wire as a pivot, do not oil this. Both should move freely. As Echmill states, adjust the pawl to squarely strike the last tooth. Too high and it misses (lost time), to low and it will engage the earlier tooth (gains time), both are generally dramatic to see but can be infrequent to see when you are just off a bit.

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