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    Default 2 Elgin ladies wrist watches - history?


    I have 2 watches that are Elgin, one seems to me to be from the 20's and the other maybe is from the late 50's early 60's. I am guessing completely here. They were both gifts.

    They seem like everyday watches, nothing fancy but I was just wondering about them and their eras. I am too afraid to try to pop off the backs...

    Images of the 2 watches here (ignore the pocket watch):

    I have another post regarding the only other watch I own:

    I have looked on the internet for info on all of these but I'm very distracted by my 16 month old and hoping this board may help me.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: 2 Elgin ladies wrist watches - history? (By: aclassicgirl)


    The oblong watch with the blue dial is relatively modern, dating at earliest to the 1960s, and more likely into the 1970s. These watches were equipped with Swiss movements, and are good serviceable watches, but nothing special to collectors.

    The other one, the rectangular one with the enamel squiggle, is actually quite special though. It's an Elgin "Parisienne" from 1928-29. These were designed by famous French Couture designers and marketed quite heavily at the end of the "jazz age".

    I'll look through my documentation and see if I can find a model name for you.

    Cary Hurt
    Cary Hurt

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    Default Re: 2 Elgin ladies wrist watches - history? (By: aclassicgirl)

    Hi Cary-

    Thanks so much for the info!

    I dig the blue watch, just don't wear it too much.

    I used to wear the 1920's one, but it stopped working well. I look forward to hearing more about it


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    Default Re: 2 Elgin ladies wrist watches - history? (By: aclassicgirl)

    I found this in a search while cooking dinner:


    It seems it's a Madame Shirley? I don't know why I cannot find it on the internet. I saw an old post of yours with the same watch:

    OK, back to dinner,

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    Default Re: 2 Elgin ladies wrist watches - history? (By: aclassicgirl)


    Thanks for finding my research for me! That old post is still correct to the best of my knowledge, which would mean that your watch is a "geometric" and not a "Parisienne".

    There is some controversy about the "Madame Shirley" attribution, but I've never seen that watch identified as a "Madame anything" in Elgin advertising, and I have seen it advertised as a "geometric".

    Regardless, it's a nice, collectible watch, and, as noted in my old post, the geometrics were more expensive when new, and often used better quality movements.


    Cary Hurt

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    Default Re: 2 Elgin ladies wrist watches - history? (By: Cary Hurt)



    Now I wonder where else I can look for more info on these Geometrics. I searched Elgin Geometric, etc and got a big zero on google and ebay.


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