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    Default Grandfather's Pocket Watch

    Hello, Forgive a Newbie question. If it is naive forgive me as I know nothing about this forum or pocket watches in general other than I kind of like them.

    I inherited a gold pocket watch with my grandfather's (and my) initials. The manufacturer's name appears to be the Parel Watch Co. White face with black numbers for hours and red numbers for minutes on the outermost circumference of the face. There is a separate minute hand in a circle in the bottom center of the watch. Gold case with filigri design on back where initials are engraved in top center portion.

    Can anyone tell me anything about this watch? All that I know is my grandfather owned it. He emigrated from Scotland to the US just before WWI and spent time in France during the war as a Canadian infantryman. So, watch could have been purchased in UK, USA, Canada or France. The watch company name appears to have a French sound to it.

    Any information would be gratefully appreciated. None of the watchmakers (jewelers, etc.) I have met over the years recognize the manufacturer and no one seems to have any information about it or the maker.

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    Default Re: Grandfather's Pocket Watch (By: jd1793)

    See if you can post a picture of the dial and movement and someone should be able to help you.

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    Smile Re: Grandfather's Pocket Watch (By: jd1793)

    Hi jd1793:

    Welcome to the NAWCC European & Other Pocket Watches Message Board!

    It would be helpful if you could post a picture of the movement (the "works"), the clearer and sharper, the better, other pictures will help a little, but this is the most important. We may be able to identify it by the shape of the plates. In trying to open the watch, you might find the information in "How To Open A Pocket Watch Case" useful.

    To post an image, scroll to the top of the thread and click on the "help" button. When the "Help - FAQs" box opens, click on the question "How do I upload an image with my post? and follow the instructions. Note that there is no indication of attaching a file (picture) until you go to actually post your thread or your reply. The picture does not show up in the "Instant Reply" text box in which you've written your thread or your reply, nor does the picture appear in the "Preview"

    Its also helpful if you can post all the markings that are on the movement (the "works") in case they can't be seen in the picture(s).

    Merry Christmas,

    P.S. I see that richiec and I were working at the same time.
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    Default Re: Grandfather's Pocket Watch (By: Kent)

    Pritchard has a short listing for Jean U. Parel. According to Pritchard, this company was located in La Chaux du Fonds, Switzerland. It was in business at least in the 1896-1935 period. Two brands or models it made were Amor and Constante. Pritchard includes a picture of its Constante trademark, which looks like a 1960's peace emblem in a circle within a circlurlar band. Constante is written radially in the band, starting at 7 o'clock and ending at 5 o'clock. At 6 o'clock, and anchor is superimposed over the band, extending slightly above and below it. The letters J and P are in the upper left and upper right slices of the inner circle delineated by the peace emblem.

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