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    Default Tall case rocking ship

    Is there a "rule of thumb" to getting a rocking ship attached by an arm to the pallet arbor in proper balance? I had such a clock in my shop, and it ran well. The owner sent off both dial and ship for restoration. This meant sending arbor, crutch, anchor, and the rod holding the ship to the restorer. The ship broke off in transit. I resoldered the rod holding the ship to the rest of the assembly, but the clock doesn't run more than a few hours now. The ship and its assembly is fairly heavy. If the clock seems to be in beat, do I have to worry about the counterbalancing of the ship so that the impulse from the pallets is equalized? (the clock is in the owner's home and not that close to me) Does it need to come back to the shop?

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    Default Re: Tall case rocking ship (By: ttompion)

    Well, if it seems to be in beat but only runs for a few hours, there is another issue that needs to be found and corrected. Probably a power issue, and quite possibly a wheel. Sure, get it back into the shop so you can watch it run and analyze the problem so you can correct it.

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    Default Re: Tall case rocking ship (By: shutterbug)

    If it doesn't run, I would poise the the assembly. They can be critical.


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    Default Re: Tall case rocking ship (By: Ralph)

    Thanks for the replies. There are other issues with this clock. The movement and dial may be a marriage with the ship added. Also the seat board is very badly warped, so much so that I wonder if it shouldn't be replaced. But back to the shop it will come.

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    Default Re: Tall case rocking ship (By: ttompion)

    Seems to be in beat, The heavy ship could be rocking the verge to heavy on one side, set the beat with a Time Trax clock timer watch the beat reading to see if the rocking ship is slowly causing it to lose its beat
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