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    Question What size crystal do I need for this Elgin?

    I recently purchased an Elgin pocket watch, serial number 17174446 but the crystal is missing. I have already been able to get the watch running well but am having a problem establishing the crystal size I need to order for this watch. And in case this additional info is of help on this question, the case itself says "warranted; B & B Royal; 20 years; 6619471". Thank you for any assistance.

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    Default Re: What size crystal do I need for this Elgin? (By: roosterscn)

    to measure it yourself, you will need to get a crystal gauge

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    Smile Re: What size crystal do I need for this Elgin? (By: Jon Hanson)

    Hi roosterscn:

    Welcome to the NAWCC American Pocket Watch Message Board!

    Crystal sizes are independent of movement sizes, except that cases of a given movement size will require crystals within a certain range of diameters. Always keep in mind that all cases made for the same size movement do not use the same crystal size. Also, the ranges of crystal diameters that might be needed for successive movement sizes will overlap.

    A caliper, reading in thousandths (1/1000's) of an inch, or tenths (1/10's) of a millimeter, is needed to measure a bezel to determine the correctly-sized crystal. Bezels have slightly larger diameters inside the "bottom" of their groove, than inside their upper rim. To find the correct crystal size, one needs to measure that larger inside diameter. This is because the correctly-sized crystal is held in place by the upper rim, such that cement is not needed for a correctly-sized crystal. It simply 'snaps' into place.

    Then, depending upon whether the measurement is in inches or millimeters, use the appropriate chart to find the right crystal size. Or, crystal suppliers ought to be able to furnish a correctly-sized crystal directly from your measurement. Depending upon the cost of the crystals, it might be advisable to get one or two sizes immediately larger and smaller than the one indicated by the measurement, especially if expect to continue collecting the same size watches.

    A crystal size chart, and its explanation, can be viewed at:
    To view, go to the Elgin Watch Collectors Site Home Page at elginwatches.org, then copy and paste the address in your browser's address bar and click on 'Go'.
    Thanks to Steve Maddox, we have access to a Crystal Size to Decimal Inch Conversion Chart.

    Good luck,
    That guy down in Georgia

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    Default the correct, quick answer to do the job................... (By: Kent)

    The fullproof way is to have a filled crystal cabinet, clean out the bezel groove, and find the correct one to snap in.

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    Default Re: What size crystal do I need for this Elgin? (By: Jon Hanson)

    You can also contact William White at info@whitescrystals.com for a new glass crystal that he makes. The best thing would be to send the bezel to him to be fitted.

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