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    Default floating balance diagram

    Does anybody have a location of a diagram of how a hairspring should be set up. I think I have been doing it wrong. I have been trying to put the stop pin on the balance wheel in the slot on the crutch. Is this correct or should the pin just be located outside the crutch and swing to approximately the same position on the other side when it rotates.


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    Default Re: floating balance diagram (By: scroogega)

    I think it might have been Steve Conover that did a good write-up on this in some of his earlier papers. The adjustments aren't that difficult once you finally figure it all out. Many problems that appear to be in the escapement are actually caused by lack of power.

    Willie X

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    Default Re: floating balance diagram (By: Willie X)

    You want equal movement on both sides. The ticking should be even.

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    Default Re: floating balance diagram (By: shutterbug)

    Steven Conover has excellent information on Floating Balances in his Clockmakers Newsletters. You can order the back issues from him. Order Sept.1987,Oct.1987,Nov 1987 & Dec.1987.
    David Robertson also has an article on inspection,diagnosis,cleaning & repair procedures.

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    Default Re: floating balance diagram (By: Cuckoo348)

    The NAWCC Library has made up a booklet of articles on the floating balance movement. Also, the Bill Tipton book on Hermle repair "Clock Repair Tips, featuring the Hermle 340-02 Movement" covers it extensively. Also, there is a Tony Montefusco video on repairing the floating balance movement. All these ae available for loan by mail to NAWCC members.

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