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    Default Waltham 37 size clock repair

    Hello Everyone,
    I have a couple of questions regarding the Waltham 37 size clocks. I am looking for a repair manual which deals specifically with Waltham 37 size clocks. Thus far, I have been unable to find one.
    I have taken up watch repair as a hobby and have found myself with a couple of clocks.
    I serviced the clocks and now they are running rather nicely. Unfortunately, as soon as I place the cannon pinion on the clocks; the clocks stop running. Being unfamiliar with dual mainspring clocks, I am curious if there is something I missed during re-assembly. Perhaps there is a particular order for replacing the parts; hence the need for a repair manual.
    If anyone can help me with this problem, I will greatly appreciate it.
    Regards, Scott

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    Default Re: Waltham 37 size clock repair (By: Scott Martinez)

    Hi Scott, and welcome.
    I am going to move your question to watch repair. As these clocks are really big watch movements. And it will get more exposure there by watch repair people.
    One clock at a time. Kevin West

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    Default Re: Waltham 37 size clock repair (By: Kevin W.)

    Hello Kevin, Thank you for the correction. Regards, Scott

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    Default Re: Waltham 37 size clock repair (By: Scott Martinez)

    Watches do not have repair manuals like cars do. These are just large watches and any watchmaker familiar with vintage watches can overhaul the watch.

    Whenever you overhaul a watch, you start by cleaning it, inspecting each part as you put it back together and then oiling it. Then you can time it and make any corrections that are still needed. There are hundreds of reasons that your watch is not running.

    If you are interesting in learning watch restoration we can recommend some books. Learning to overhaul watches requires a great deal of tools, reading and practice, practice and more practice. They are also very delicate and beginners often damage parts as they take them apart and reassemble them. I just purchased a watch from a fellow who had cleaned it, but could not get it to run. He had bent the hairspring overcoil up. This forced the hairspring to touch the balance and stop the watch. I got it for a great price and had it corrected in a half hour after getting back home.


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    Default Re: Waltham 37 size clock repair (By: Don Dahlberg)


    There are 2 versions of Waltham 37 size movements: 1911 and 1926. They used different escape wheels and probably some different parts.

    Waltham published large catalogs covering all their watches including these 8 day clock movements.

    One point - they contain 2 mainsprings. It is recommended that if one needs replacement do both of the them or the other one might break do to differences in torque winding them..


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    Default Re: Waltham 37 size clock repair (By: Andy Dervan)

    Scott, You problem is common to the 37 watches. When the watch is assemble and run outside of the case, it is in the set mode because the the winding arbor is held either in or out by the spring in the winding tube. When the watch is in the set mode the the set train is dragging on the movement gears and stops the watch. When the watch is in the case you can keep it in the winding mode then there is no drag on the time train.

    Whe you put the cannon gear in the movement it couples the time train and the setting gears together unless the winding arbor is pushed in which you can't when the watch is out of the case.


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    Default Re: Waltham 37 size clock repair (By: swolf)

    Problem solved.
    Thank you to everyone for the advice.

    The clocks are now running well with proper balance amplitude. The clocks are keeping time to within a few seconds in an 8 hour period. After I finish adjusting them to positions, the timing should be better. Not bad for 7 jewel movements.
    Now a little information for anyone interested:
    One of the clocks is made from aluminum. According to Roy Ehrhardt's book, Waltham named this the Duralum grade. I only mention this because if someone out there is looking for an accurate 37 size Waltham, this is the grade I would try. The previous owner told me that he had not had the clock serviced in more that 25 years. During this period, he wound the clock every other week. By the time I bought the clock and he told me this information, I was concerned that the clock would have serious problems. After inspection, I found that the clock had virtually no wear. Good endshake and sideshake. Amazing.
    On top of that, the clock is substantially more accurate that the other Waltham clocks that I have seen(approximately 25 pieces) (including a few 15 jewel wind indicator models). With the regulator dead center on the balance cock this clock is only 2 seconds fast in an 8 hour period. Again, Amazing.

    Thanks Again and Happy Holidays

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    Default Re: Waltham 37 size clock repair (By: Scott Martinez)

    Hello Everyone,

    One follow-up question: Does anyone out there know if a military technical manual exists for these clocks? I think that the military used these clocks in some of their vehicles. TM 9-1575 covers some of the watches and clocks used. Unfortunately the 37 size Waltham is not included in the manual. I tried the Department of Defense Publications website--no luck.

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