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    Default Ladies Hamilton 22j wrist watch

    We were up in Franklin TN yesterday and my wife found a 22j ladies Hamilton wristie buried at the bottom of a bowl full of dead quartz wrist waches.

    It's a model 757 'Priscella' in a Hamilton marked 10k gold case, no wear thru anywhere on the case, and it runs!It more than likely needs a COA, but right now it' s running pretty fair, with the regulator a shade over toward the fast side from center. Fired right up first winding.

    The only items that need addressing would be a fairly scratched up crystal, and the crown is worn so smooth the only way to wind the watch is to remove it from the case in order to get hold of the crown.

    No serial number was on the movement, but there was one on the case back, along with the name.

    We only paid $10!

    Anyone familiar with this particular movement and watch? I know lady wrist watches aren't followed, but I just wondered if anyone knew about the Hamilton offerings.

    Regards! Mark

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    Default Re: Ladies Hamilton 22j wrist watch (By: M. Cross)

    Collectors should be interested in ladies watches. If you get your wife involved in watch collecting, you get to collect more watches yourself without complaints.

    Your watch was sold from 1955-58. Here it is in the 1958 Hamilton catalog.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Priscilla.jpg 
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    You should not run any mechanical watch without having it properly serviced. It would be like taking the car in your picture out of a barn where it sat for 50 years and running it around town without an oil change.

    Find someone who does overhauls on vintage watches and will take it down to all moving parts, clean it, inspect the parts, put it back together, oil and grease it, and check it running for several days. They should stand by their work for at least several months. It cost money to do this work, so it they are under $60 run away. Many just take it out of the case and clean it in a combination cleaner or oiler solution. This is like dipping you engine in oil and calling it an oil change.

    Last edited by Don Dahlberg; 10-26-2008 at 10:40 AM.

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    Nov 2002

    Default Re: Ladies Hamilton 22j wrist watch (By: Don Dahlberg)

    Thanks Don! I drive a 1950 Plymouth Deluxe 4 door sedan as my work vehicle, so I know every well where you're coming from.

    I have a man who can do the work for me, and will. This is the information I was looking for, thank you!

    HIGH regards! Mark

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