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    Default Seth Thomas #124 movement, How many versions ?

    I was curious as to how many versions of Seth Thomas # 124 movements were made.
    I saw an auction for a 1927 Seth thomas clock that had a #124 movement, and I also saw an auction for Medbury 6W clock, with #124 movement, but a Seth Thomas label stating that it is a division of General Time corporation. ( which makes me believe that it was made in probably 60's or may be later)

    Were these clocks re-issues of the original and using #124 movement ?


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    Default Re: Seth Thomas #124 movement, How many versions ? (By: aka)

    It was probably not made as late as the 1960's, and, in fact by then Seth Thomas mechanical movements were made in Germany. General Time Instruments Corp acquired ST in 1931. GTI Corp later became known as General Time Corp, I think in the 1940's. In the late 60's or perhaps 1970, Talley Industried acquired the ST division of General Time and eventually sold the name to Colibri Group.

    (Of course, all ST clocks are now made exclusively by 92-year old Maud Frickett in my old hometown, Puke River, OK. Just FYI!):|
    “If one tells the truth, one is sure, sooner or later, to be found out.” - Oscar Wilde

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    Default Re: Seth Thomas #124 movement, How many versions ? (By: Steven Thornberry)

    The 124 was made by ST until 1956, when they started importing German movements.

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    Default Re: Seth Thomas #124 movement, How many versions ? (By: Len Lataille)

    Thanks for the info , so any clock with #124 movement can be as late as from 50's, and not afterwards

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    Default Re: Seth Thomas #124 movement, How many versions ? (By: aka)

    Seth Thomas swithched to imported German movements about 1956. The are marked made in Germany or possibly West Germany, I dont recall, made by the Hermle company.

    I dont beleive that they were marked 124 after that time.

    But you are correct that there many slight modifications in the 124 over its life span. I recently discovered one that I had never seen before, the difference being in the chime hammer assembly.

    The Medbury, unless it is a specific ST Model, I am not familiar with. I have never seen a ST 124 in a case that was not made by ST. Of course, there could be marriages out there.

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