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    Default Picture--- this time-- for Turler watch

    Last week I asked about a Turner "pendant " watch--had several people read a bout it with only one response--and the respondant asked about a picture in help identifying the item...so I finally got the pictures-now I hope they post to the message!!

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    Default Re: Picture--- this time-- for Turler watch (By: blaineinarkansas)

    Well that didnt work-guess I cant read what was instructed-so Here I go again!!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Lighter_&_watch_013.JPG   Lighter_&_watch_014.JPG  

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    Default Re: Picture--- this time-- for Turler watch (By: blaineinarkansas)


    While this isn't what's traditionally called a "pendant watch", I guess it still qualifies, since it's worn from a chain around the neck. Just looking, and guessing based on style, I'd say this is a 1950s or 1960s piece.

    It's an interesting piece, and would have some appeal to collectors as a novelty watch. You originally said "Turler", which, as you've already been told is a high quality Swiss jewelry and watch retailer. In this post you said "Turner". It that a typo? It would make a difference, as Turler watches are expected to be high grade timepieces in well made cases.

    It might be possible to make a more informed judgement if you can post details about the movement, but if the way to open the case is not obvious, you may want to leave that to a jeweler or watchmaker.


    Cary Hurt

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    Default Re: Picture--- this time-- for Turler watch (By: blaineinarkansas)


    Nice pictures of an interesting watch. As you can see, it is definitely Swiss made. I agree with Cary about the age. I lived in Zurich in the 1960s, and my tram stop was just outside Turler's shop on the Paradeplatz. I can recall seeing watches similar to yours on display there.


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    Default Re: Picture--- this time-- for Turler watch (By: blaineinarkansas)

    Thanks for the info-it is definately a Turler--who knows where the "turner" came from--ha,ha!
    Thanks guys for the reply!
    I am a clock repairer--certainly NOT a watch repairer..Even with a loupe I can't see the small stuff!

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    Default Re: Picture--- this time-- for Turler watch (By: blaineinarkansas)

    Turler made some nice clocks as well.I should post one i have.It was at a Chapter mart and no one was interested.I guess i got lucky.It was a donation to the chapter i think i paid 20 dollars.It has a 15 jewel Swiss made movement and works very well.Tommorow i will post a picture of it, i dont think i had one posted before.
    One clock at a time. Kevin West

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