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    Default Elgin wrist watch serial number look-up

    i have been using the Elgin serial number look-up on the elginwatches.org website to look up serial numbers for pocket watches. does the database also contain wrist watch info? i put a serial number in from an Elgin wrist watch movement i have, and it returned information that seems to match, but i don't know enough about wrist watches to know if it is real. for instance, the serial number i put in comes back as for an 18s watch made around 1895. the date seems believable, but wouldn't an 18s watch movement make an awfully large wrist watch? does 18s mean different things for pocket watch versus wrist watch?

    thanks for any info.

    andy b.

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    Default Are you 100% certain you entered the right number? (By: andy b.)

    An 18s wristwatch would be huge---even by today's watch standards!
    I don't believe that Elgin made wristwatches until, approximately, the 1910s.
    The database has always worked for me for older wristwatches.
    Of course, like anything else, there could be a mistake, but, anytime I've gotten weird results, the error was mine.

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    Default Re: Elgin wrist watch serial number look-up (By: andy b.)

    The database doesn't work correctly for serial numbers that start with a letter designation. There is a way to get it to give the information, but it's been so long that I can't remember how. Check the documentation or send the operator a query on the topic.
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    Default I'm glad you posted, Smudgy (By: andy b.)

    Until now, I wasn't aware that you could look-up the letter prefixed serial numbers.
    The instructions for how to do so are at:

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    Default Re: Elgin wrist watch serial number look-up (By: andy b.)

    THe Elgin letter equate to the following numbers

    X=38 &39
    C,E,T & Y=42

    If the SN on the watch is H325,000, it would translate to 47,325,000. That is the number you plug into the data base to get your info.


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