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    Default Rare Hamilton found...

    Just wanted to share my latest find with all the vintage Hamilton fans that read this board. I've been fortunate to acquire an extremely rare example of the Cushion - Engraved model, the only known example in the green gold filled case version. It is in surprisingly good condition with only slight wear to the four bezel corners. The dial is a bit dirty, the numbers have aged, and the crystal is missing - nothing major to bring it back to life.

    Here's a link to Will Roseman's outstanding site for the complete description:

    The Cushion - Engraved

    And here are some photos of the watch:

    Tom Diss
    The harder I search, the luckier I get

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    Default Rare Hamilton found... (By: Tom Diss)

    Wow! And only 28 made of the green gold filled made?

    Will you clean the dial... or leave it as is?

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    Default Rare Hamilton found... (By: Tom Diss)

    Not sure. From what I understand International Dial Co. can restore a luminous dial so that the luminous material has a light tan "aged" look for the numbers and hands. That's what I would do if I decide to restore it.
    Tom Diss
    The harder I search, the luckier I get

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    Default Rare Hamilton found... (By: Tom Diss)


    Great find. My two cent's worth, don't touch the dial. Maybe re-do the luminous in the hands. International's aged radium dial still looks brand new, even though the color of the radium is toned down (instead of being bright mint green or white). For a watch with this much significance, I'd leave it as found...


    Cary Hurt

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    Default Rare Hamilton found... (By: Tom Diss)

    Where did you find it??


    Jeffrey P. Hess, collector, historian, writer, CEO Ball WATCH USA

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    Default Rare Hamilton found... (By: Tom Diss)

    Ebay. Here's the story how I came to get it.

    I don't usually pay much attention to the original cushion models, but for some reason I read this listing and noted the description of the flowers on the side of the case. Having just read about the Cushion Engraved model a few weeks ago on Will Roseman's site and knowing how rare it is, I contacted the seller with an offer and anxiously awaited a reply, hoping none of the other more well-funded Hamilton collectors would spot it (there were 22 page views when I read the listing). An hour later the auction is cancelled (with 24 page views now), but checking my email account and Ebay Messages, I've got no response from the seller. I go to bed that night thinking another collector made a better offer for it. Checked email and Ebay Messages the next day and nothing. Contacted the seller again through Ebay and no response. So now I'm convinced the watch is gone and the seller just doesn't want to answer the flood of emails about it. The following morning I check email and nothing, so I go to my spam folder to clear it out and there's the response from the seller from two days ago. The email states that the auction has been cancelled and to make contact within 24 hours (36 have gone by at this point) and send payment within 5 days (check or money order only). I immediately respond to the email, profusely apologizing for the delay and explaining what happened, and said I would send payment that day. The seller got back to me letting me know the watch was mine and would ship as soon as the payment arrived.

    Now for the best part: the seller found the watch in the bottom of a box of auction items they had recently purchased. Given its condition - no crystal, not running, band in horrible shape, dirty dial - I'm surprised it didn't just get tossed into the trash and end up one more horological treasure lost forever.
    Tom Diss
    The harder I search, the luckier I get

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    Wayne D.

    Default Rare Hamilton found... (By: Tom Diss)

    Nice story Tom. I believe this horological treasure found it's rightful owner. Wear and show it off proudly my friend!

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    Will Roseman

    Default Rare Hamilton found... (By: Tom Diss)


    Wow! What a great find. Congradulations to you. I wish I had seen it but with all the traveling I've been doing at work, I've not had the E-Bay time I've had in the past.

    It's a great find and a very rare watch.

    Wear it in health (if you wear it at all).


    PS - I would leave the dail as is. It's not so bad and gives the watch some character.

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