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Thread: plymouth clock

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    Default plymouth clock

    Hi: all you clock people: a old man 76 brought me an old clock that he said his mother got for a wedding present. on the dial it says PLYMOUTH, made in USA. the label on the back door. directions covering clocks #4300, 4500 and 4600 series 8 day in tambbur cases. at the botton it has :the plymouth clock co. thomaston conn. on the movment it has 4503 and 3-39. the pendulum is heavy like a seth thomas. put there is no mention of ST any where on the clock. it strikes on two chime rods. all pivot holes are bronze bushings. any place a E ring is used it has a conpression ring. the verge is simular to a pin verge. the pallets look like a square pin that has been mashed. the escape wheel has pointed teeth perpendicular to the wheel rim. the main springs are 11/16 x .018 x 72" long. no one lists a 72" spring for this size. what have I got?. was there a plymouth clock co?. any information or dates would be greatly appreciated. all, have a good day. thanks moe

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    Default Re: plymouth clock (By: moe schmidt)

    Hi moe,

    Your Plymouth clock co. tambour is dated 3 39 (March 1939). I don't remember exactly but that is after Seth Thomas became a division of General Time in 1931. Quite often the stories/history that comes with a clock is incorrect.

    Best Regards,

    Richard T.
    Richard T.

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    Default Re: plymouth clock (By: moe schmidt)

    The Plymouth Clock Co. was a division of the Seth Thomas Clock Co. formed ca. the mid 1930's, I believe. It made a line of less expensive clocks, many of which were tambours. They made at least one banjo, a GW/Mt. vernon model similar to those put out in the ST name.
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    Default Re: plymouth clock (By: moe schmidt)


    The Plymoth brand was used to unload or dump more clocks into a very depressed economy without ruffeling the feathers of the dealers who had contracted to sell the Seth Thomas brand. Something like the Toyota and Yaris brands of today.

    You have a General Time movement but earlier Plymoths had the bread and butter Seth Thomas #89 movement until the S-T company sold out in 1931 (I believe it was) and all of the old style mvts were used up

    Willie X

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    Default Re: plymouth clock (By: moe schmidt)

    Was always wondering about the point of plymouth clocks. Thank you.

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    Default Re: plymouth clock (By: moe schmidt)

    thanks to all: I now know what he has. very interesting information. all have a good day moe

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