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    Default skeleton pocket watch made by new england watch co. in 1907

    looking for any info. on a skeleton pocket watch made by the New England Watch co. in 1907
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    Default Re: skeleton pocket watch made by new england watch co. in 1907 (RE: jamesd1949)

    The N.E.W.Co. is not something I know much about, but I'll try to give a little info as a start ...

    I believe the New England Watch Co. was formed in 1898 as a reorganization of the earlier Waterbury Watch Co. and produced under this name until 1914 when they were purchased by the Ingersoll Watch Company. I believe Timex is the modern descendent in the succession of this family of makers.

    The N.E.W.Co. made heavy use of the duplex escapement with their products and this is the type of escapement that is in your watch.

    Your skeleton watch is a well known and desirable model by N.E. and I believe these are a 4 jeweled movement and that the reeded display case is correct to your watch.


    Fred Hansen
    NAWCC #109682

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    Default Re: skeleton pocket watch made by new england watch co. in 1907 (RE: jamesd1949)

    Interesting - I had never dug into one of these. From the back, there is no time train wheel (center wheel) in the center of the watch. It is pushed off to one side, as in a Roskopf or Manhattan. Sure enough, from the front, the hands are driven directly off the barrel arbor, just as in a Roskopf layout.

    Roskopf and Manhattan layouts displace the center wheel because they have huge mainspring barrels, that extend beyound the center of the watch. This NEWC seems to have a smaller barrel, but resorts to the layout anyhow. Hard to know without disassembling the thing, but it may allow them to use the same wheel in several different places in the time train, for a simple economy.

    In any event, these are attractive fun watches, with an unusual excapement and great visual appeal. The design still works.

    I believe that Timex descended from Waterbury Clock Co. rather than Waterbury Watch Co. Waterbury Clock was the primary supplier of Ingersoll dollar watches, and purchased Ingersoll when they sold out in 1922. They continued selling under the Ingersoll name through WWII, then sold out to Swedish (I think) investors to create U. S. Time Corp.


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    Default Re: skeleton pocket watch made by new england watch co. in 1907 (RE: jamesd1949)


    I have a watch which appears to be identical to your illustration apart from a few details.
    The letters N.E.W.Co appear on the reverse and in addition after the initials are four symbols in the position the power as "2" in square would appear. These are very small and appear to have been scratched by hand and are difficult to decipher, but I think the are 927R. I feel confident about the 27, and fairly certain about the 9 but the R is very doubtful.

    I am not a collector and the watch belongs to my wife, left to her by an uncle who probably received it as a gift as he was not known as a collector

    I hope this is of interest to you. Kf you find out more about it we would be pleased to hear from you.

    Regards jpfh

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    Default Re: skeleton pocket watch made by new england watch co. in 1907 (RE: jpfh)

    Does anyone know how to more accurately date a NEW Co. Skeleton?
    I know the evolution of the company, and technically their existence between 1898 and 1914. Were these 16s skeleton versions produced during a particular period or for a certain event?
    They aren't serial numbered or marked in any way I can see other than the company abbreviation. I have heard that these were produced to exhibit NEW Co watches at the Worlds Fair 1901, but I really have no idea if there's any truth in that, and suspect maybe not.

    Also, in the Complete Price Guide to watches this piece is listed with one star. Referring to the index chart: one star = uncommon, 2500 or less.
    My question is, does that indicate that 2500/< originally produced or estimated to survive?

    Here's a couple pics of mine!
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    Default Re: skeleton pocket watch made by new england watch co. in 1907 (RE: shinytickythings)

    I've found some advertisements for them in various magazines and papers. The earliest one I've found was Dec, 1904.

    I think also noteworthy is, while we generally accept the case shown above to be the proper case and the original hands were the ornate silver ones, the ad says they'll case it in gold filled, sterling, gun metal, and nickel.

    Has anyone ever seen one of these cased in ANY of these other cases?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thumbs up Re: skeleton pocket watch made by new england watch co. in 1907 (RE: shinytickythings)


    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

    Here are some more Skeleton ads:
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    That guy down in Georgia

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