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    Default Bulova 10BPAC Features

    I recently acquired a 1956 Bulova with the 10BPAC movement. The watch appears to be in good condition and keeps pretty decent time, if I wear it regularly. What I'm not clear on is whether it can be manually wound in addition to self-winding when in use. Turning the crown appears to be engaging something but not very well. I'm wondering if this part of the movement needs some professional attention.

    Thanks in advance (from a newbie)!

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    Default Re: Bulova 10BPAC Features (By: jlcantor791)

    Jeff, YOur automatic Bulova can be wound with the crown. generally, the manual winding is used when the watch has not been worn. You give it about 5-7 winds to get the watch started. When it is on your wrist, the self winding takes over. There should be no reason to manual wind it when you are wearing it.


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    Default Re: Bulova 10BPAC Features (By: jlcantor791)

    I have a watch with similar crown winding problems. Its not a Bulova but an old Seiko made movement. The problem with mine was the winding gear on the stem had two or three missing teeth on different sides of the gear causing it to catch sometimes and grind others. My movement isnt an auto so im SOL until I can find a replacement.

    Thought this could be something to check?

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    Default Re: Bulova 10BPAC Features (By: jlcantor791)


    Thanks for the quick reply. Sounds like another trip to the watch Dr. when I have the chance.


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