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    Default What is the "Blind Man's Dial"

    What dial is the "Blind Man's Dial"? I've also heard it referred to as the Montgomery Blind Man's dial. The "Montgomery" dial name comes from Henry S. Montgomery who was Santa Fe Railwayís general watch and clock inspector from 1896 to 1923, and by 1906 perfected a dial with upright minutes, from 1 to 60, printed on the outermost part of pocket watch and clock dials. But I thought the "Blind Man's Dial," was Waltham's dial with large heavy black Arabic numerals without the "Montgomery" minute numbers on the outside of the hour numbers. Example below. Can anyone clarify this for me? Thanks Geo.

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    Default Re: What is the (By: 1geo)


    There are two different Blind Man's dial. One type is meant to be felt with the fingers so that a blind man can determine the time.

    The other is a Hamilton dial having very bold, Arabic numbers. This is demonstrated on page 3 of the great message board thread, started by Robert Sweet, detailing 992, 992E and 992B boxes dials and cases on the [colour=red]NAWCC Pocket Watch Message Board[/colour]. It goes on for 25 pages.

    Oh, would you please tell us the serial number of your 1623 Vanguard and if the case is also marked "Waltham Premier"?

    That guy down in Georgia

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    Default Re: What is the (By: 1geo)

    On the inside of the back case it says "Waltham Premier" "10K Gold Filled" The serial number is 31243942

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    Default Re: What is the (By: 1geo)

    To illustrate Kent's point above, here is the dial from a blind man's watch and a Ham Blind Man's dial.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails elg blind man dial.jpg   ham pugh 1 front.jpg  

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    Default Re: What is the (By: 1geo)

    Some more discussion of the Hamilton Blind Man's dial ...


    Fred Hansen
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