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    Default Rhythm Clock Movement

    I need some help identifying these movements I have. They are marked Rhythm Watch Co., Quartz and have a circuitry board. I contacted the company but have gotten no response. These came from S. LaRose when they went bankrupt and I have had them in storage ever since because I don't know what they are. Check out the pictures and see if you can help me !!??
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    Registered user. Mike Phelan's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    West Yorkshire, England

    Default Re: Rhythm Clock Movement (By: vtbanne)

    They look like any other quartz movement of this era. Looking at the knob, chip and transistor, looks like an alarm?
    Do they work?
    Are you looking for a replacement or if working, somewhere to put them?
    Mike - banned member of the throwaway society. :o

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    Default Re: Rhythm Clock Movement (By: vtbanne)

    I don't know if they are working. I don't know if they operate on a battery (there's no place to put one) or if it is electric. These movements are 'new in the case', I have about 10,000 of these and have been paying storage on them for a couple years because I don't know what they are and how they operate.

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    Forums Administrator harold bain's Avatar
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    Nov 2002
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    Default Re: Rhythm Clock Movement (By: vtbanne)

    It will be battery operated, 1 1/2 volt likely. I can see a plus and minus sign. This is where I would try hooking a battery to see what happens. Can't tell from your pictures, is there anywhere to mount hands?
    harold bain, Member ch 33
    "If it won't "tick",
    let me "tock" to it"

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    Default Re: Rhythm Clock Movement (By: vtbanne)

    Clearly a special of some sort. My guess is that you put 1.5 volts on + and - on - and it will run, then connect a small speaker to - and other termanals and it will make some noise on the hr, Or put out 1.5 volts on those terminals. I think it might be for a electronic "Chime clock

    Take 10 of them and play.

    BTW Some people on the Yahoo Synchronome board and the electric clock board were looking for old quartz movements to convert into seconds slave clocks. They like the old ones better, apparently they have better motors. You might poke around over there.


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    Default Re: Rhythm Clock Movement (By: vtbanne)

    Thank you Frank, I appreciate the info. I have logged on to the site you suggeted.

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    Default Re: Rhythm Clock Movement (By: vtbanne)

    It is unusual on this movement not to have the batteryholder built inside it.

    Also the extended circuitboard must provide an other function as well, perhaps to drive a small pendulum seen in quartz kitchen clocks.

    Almost all these movements run on 1Ĺ Volts.

    Just connect an AA battery to some small wires to test and see if it works.

    The white shaft looks unusual to me, It may require hands with a special collar to fit.

    Good luck, Raymond

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    Default Re: Rhythm Clock Movement (By: vtbanne)

    I have a strong suspicion that the Rhythm movement and circuit shown in the photo may, as others have surmised, the "heart" of one of Rhythm's animated musical motion clocks.

    There is seemingly an endless variety of Rhythm animated battery clocks; some more complex than others.

    One I have, opens the dial to reveal an orchestra which plays a variety of different tunes on the hour. Then after the rendition, the motion stops and the dial slips back into position.

    The clock has four dry cells, one necessary for the quartz timekeeping function, the other three, I believe provide electrical power for the various motors and sound system.

    The integrated circuit on the device looks like one made by Mitsubishi and is probably one of their "transistor array" devices made specially for Rhythm.

    As Ray, Frank and Harold have suggested, you should find a curious "propeller-head" kind of electronics "nut" to investigate the possible application for your hoard of mysterious Rhythm clock parts.

    I'm curious enough to take the back off my own Rhythm animated clock to investigate exactly what's inside.

    H.J. (Les) Lesovsky, Alhambra California

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    Default Re: Rhythm Clock Movement (By: vtbanne)

    I went back and checked the outer carton. There is a number, possibly the LaRose stock number? 819302. I have the 2002-2004 Keep Book #283 and it's not in there. Does anyone have a newer keep book with this stock number? Also on the carton was a label that says Louisville, Mississippi, Made in Japan, Twilight 2. Rhythm does have clock called Twilight Castle, possibly connected??

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    Registered user. kirxklox's Avatar
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    Dec 2002
    Dardanell, AR

    Default Re: Rhythm Clock Movement (By: vtbanne)

    There should be 4 or 6 Pins or Slide contacts:

    2 for the battery 1.5 v
    2 for the Speaker
    2 for an internal contact.

    The shaft on the rear of the mvmt is a Volume Control

    That ROM chip could be set to play almost any tune.

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