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    Default dropped quartz watch runs slow

    A friend of mine dropped his quartz watch on a concrete floor. It has a pretty heavy case, so it hit hard. It still runs, and the seconds hand turns at the correct rate, but the hour and minute hands lose time now. If it was a mechanical watch, I would think the cannon pinion needed to be re-nicked. I don't know much at all about quartz watches. The setting resistance on the hands feels feels rather loose, like a mechanical watch on which the cannon pinion is too loose. Any suggestions as to the problem? Could it be the cannon pinion? I appreciate any advice.


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    Default Re: dropped quartz watch runs slow (By: Jarett Harkness)

    I cant think of anything else it would be really, if the second hand runs Fine, then there isnt many other things to effect the hour and minute hands. the pinnion or motion work could have fallen off, or maybe the hour hand is dragging on the face. pull it down and see if it works without the case, check for glass fragments under the hands, if it still runs slow, then its most likely the clutch slipping, I think, too.


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    Default Re: dropped quartz watch runs slow (By: Jarett Harkness)

    Thanks for your response. It still does the same thing outside the case. The hour hand is not dragging, and I can't find any glass fragments. I notice there is some resistance when in the setting position and moving the hands backward, but virtually none when I turn the hands forward. I don't know if that is common on a quartz watch or not. Would the clutch have anything to do with resistance in only one direction when setting ? Or do you still think it is the cannon pinion? Do you nick it just like in a mechanical watch? I've done it on several mechanical watches, but never on a quartz.

    Thanks again,

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    Default Re: dropped quartz watch runs slow (By: Jarett Harkness)

    Hi Jarett,

    The most likely thing is that the dial feet are bent, and that the center hole has moved to one side. This can put pressure on the hour wheel or the hour hand boss, so causing the watch to lose time. You will have to remove the hands to get a better look. Staightening bent feet can be tricky if they have a compound bend. Be VERY careful, and adjust a little at a time. If the feet break off it can be difficult/expensive to repair.

    Good luck!


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    Default Re: dropped quartz watch runs slow (By: Jarett Harkness)

    Hello Jarett,
    the clutch on manny quarz movements is like this (see picture cannon pinion) an must have resistance at two directions.
    they can fall apart and you can push them together again.
    hope this can help you
    greetings piet
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