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    Default German Necor Clocks

    My neighbor inherited a beautiful tambour mantle clock and I'm trying to find what I can about its history. Just below the 12, the word "Necor" is on the face, and the word "Germany" is just above the 6. The mechanism says "Overocean Clock Co. Germany" and "No (0) Jewels Unadjusted." There also appears to be a serial number on the mechanism, "68 341-020.

    The clock doesn't appear to be that old but it has a wonderful chime and is in excellent condition. The face is a beautiful art deco design. The fact that it says "Germany" instead of "West Germany," along with the art deco face, make me suspect it was manufactured between WWI and WWII.

    I doubt the clock is worth much (I saw one just like it on EBay for $40.) but, since it's such a nice clock, I'm curious to learn more about it. Any information about this clock or ideas where I could go for information would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: German Necor Clocks (By: mwillard)

    Hi, mwillard, welcome to the message board. Going by your numbers, 68 341-020, your clock was made in 1968, and has a movement made by Hermle.
    Not all German products made after WW11 used the name West Germany to identify them.
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    Default Re: German Necor Clocks (By: mwillard)

    Hi M Willard,

    Overocean Clock Co. Inc., importers of clocks and watches, are still in business. Their address is:

    8000, Cooper Avenue,
    Suite 38,
    NY 11385

    They may be able to help you with further informaition.


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    Default Re: German Necor Clocks (By: mwillard)

    Thanks for the info!

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