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    Default Pocket Watch Escapements Diagrams & Pictures

    The escapement of a watch is that mechanism which operates in a very precise manner in order to release increments of time through the gear train of a watch.

    The diagram below shows the typical gear train of a watch. The escapement of a watch begins with the escape wheel. Next you will have the pallet. The pallet makes contact with the balance wheel as shown in the diagram. The balance wheel swings back and forth and with each swing locks and unlocks the pallet as it engages the escape wheel. This arc-of-motion can range from 18,000 beats per hour to as much as 29,000 beats per hour on some wrist watches.

    Here are two animated examples of how the escapement of a watch operates. The first animation shows how the escape wheel and the pallet work in conjunction with each other. The second animation shows how the entire escapement operates. This becomes very interesting when you can also view the diagram of the gear train above and relate the animations with the diagram.

    This is a picture of a Hamilton Inline Escapement model.

    This is a larger version of the Hamilton escapement model. Notice the hand in the picture. This will give you an idea as to the size of these rare items.

    The diagram above shows a typical watch escapement and gear train.

    The diagram above shows the typical setting gears that are located under the dial of a typical wrist watch.

    This is a typical form of escapement that was used in early chronometers. This is called a detent escapement.

    The Straight Line escapement from the Fredonia Watch Company. Many companies used the term "Equi-Distant" escapement when describing the type of escapement used in their watches. This is interesting as all escapements commonly found in pocket watches used and equidistant escapement. The escape wheel is round and has 15 teeth. The pallet has two impulse jewels which by obvious terms divides the escape wheel into a circular operation, thus becoming an equidistant escapement.

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    Default Re: Pocket Watch Escapements Diagrams & Pictures (By: jimmayor007)

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