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    Default 100-Day "New Master" from Nisshin Clock, Tokyo

    I did know there were 100-day clocks from a John Hubby posting early on, but I was not able to find more info... and then I found this one... NOT a high quality item... but it does have a snazzy winder!! As this is not in my 5th (or is it 6th?) Horolovar book, and my micrometer has gone missing, anyone hazard a guess as to spring size and a guess at pendulum weight? (Note the lack of pendulum cup, I guess it sorta falls in the hole??)


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    Default Re: 100-Day (By: SanJoseMichael)

    SanJoseMichael: I believe this is plate #1469E. The spring listed is .0028, 3 or 4 ball pendulum. Hope this helps. Info from 10th edidion. Paul

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    Default Re: 100-Day (By: SanJoseMichael)

    Wow, that fork is going to need some attention! I'd love to see a close-up of the verge. Is it a solid one piece design? The book says it's a pin pallet ??

    A man with a clock always knows the time. A man with two clocks is never sure.

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    Default Re: 100-Day (By: SanJoseMichael)

    The pendulum cup is a heavy cast piece that just slips in the hole in the base (and falls out easily when the clock is turned over). They usually have a 3 ball pendulum. I have one but don't have a digital camera to show pictures of it.

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    Default Re: 100-Day (By: SanJoseMichael)

    Hello it looks like your spring barrel needs major attention cheers bill

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    Default Re: 100-Day (By: SanJoseMichael)

    Good eyes, Bill. Looks like the gear is pulling off the barrel. Careful letting it down:o
    harold bain, Member ch 33
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    let me "tock" to it"

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    Default Re: 100-Day (By: SanJoseMichael)

    I don't think there is a problem with the spring barrel. I think it is not a barrel but a cup that doesn't turn. Looks a lot like the spring cups on a Hermle T/S that I have.


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    Default Re: 100-Day (By: SanJoseMichael)

    Shutterbug, you are ever challenging my close-up photography skills! Okay, here you go, everthing you ever wanted to see in a pin-pallet but were afraid to ask for. And, yes, whatever is going on with the spring means heavy gloves and safety glasses for the letdown!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails NisshinClose1.jpg   NisshinClose2.jpg   NisshinClose3.jpg   NisshinClose4.jpg  

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    Default Re: 100-Day (By: SanJoseMichael)

    Hello Everyone I stand corrected. A picture tells a thousand words again. By the way GREAT PICTURES. Bill

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    Default Re: 100-Day (By: SanJoseMichael)

    SJM, great pics. First thing I noticed is that the exit pin on the pin pallet anchor is bent. It should be perfectly perpendicular to the escape wheel. When you do the service on your clock, this pin "can" be bent back to the correct position, but you will need to be very careful as it is hardened and can easily break. Use wide blade smooth jaw pliers to make the repair.

    John Hubby

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    Default Re: 100-Day (By: SanJoseMichael)

    I see the same thing. It's important to get the pins straight, and that may very well be your whole problem It doesn't look like you have the ability to adjust the position of the pallets, so the pins have to be right on.

    A man with a clock always knows the time. A man with two clocks is never sure.

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    Default Re: 100-Day "New Master" from Nisshin Clock, Tokyo (By: shutterbug)

    I am in South New Jersey. I have a New Master 100 day clock that needs repair. Can anyone suggest a repair facility. Tried to post a picture unsuccessfully. Can send in an email if anyone needs to see the actual clock.


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    Default Re: 100-Day "New Master" from Nisshin Clock, Tokyo (By: Dwight)

    To post an image it must be less than 800 megapixels in the lower dimension. I am from the UK, but I am sure there are New Jersey subcribers out there who can help
    Les Bradley

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    Default Re: 100-Day "New Master" from Nisshin Clock, Tokyo (By: lesbradley)

    Thanks Lesbradley,
    No one else has responded. I will try elsewhere.Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: 100-Day (By: SanJoseMichael)

    I have a guestion. I bought what looks to be the same clock. Mine has N156 on it. I really need a short tutorial. How to wind, level,etc.

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